Cadrift Summerfest Quiz

Corsair’s Cutter (2020)<br>2250 credits

Hosted by Cadrift, prize donated by Gamigo, ran from 16th July to 31st July 2020

During Summerfest 2020 Gamigo gave out a Corsair’s Cutter mount code to some creators to hand out in competitions.

Cadrift ran a Summerfest quiz!
All the questions were related to summerfest, anyone scoring at least 100 points, out of a possible 130, would be entered into a prize draw to win the mount.

Selection Wheels

The winner was chosen at random from 172 names.

Gamigo gave Cadrift a second code so another winner was chosen from the remaining 171 names.


At the end of 31st July we had 204 responses to the quiz.
This included players from EU and NA

The average score was 116.89 with 172 players getting a score over 100 and 70 players getting full marks of 130.

EU players = 35.8% — NA players = 64.2%


What colour are the beach umbrellas in Draumheim?
Who is the missing mountaineer?
Who is guarding the treasure in Stonefield?
What colour are the orbs in Ardent Domain?
What are you looking for in the Bogling Village?
Who do you need to kiss in the cave?
What do you steal from the Feral Cockatrice?
How long do you need to be 'scared to death' for?
What do you make with 'cloth', 'thread' and 'tar'?
What do you use to treat the Itchy Werewolves?
What is infesting Tulan?
How many bottles of beer does Lenny want?
What do you need to find in Seratos?
How should you adjust the Boglings bad attitude?
How many Friendship Bracelets will you earn..?
What kind of fish does Misty Azzara want?
If you pop pinata while it is blue, what artifacts..?
Should you mentor down while farming pinatas?
How many kinds of Summerfest fireworks are there?
If I wanted to turn into a bunny, what would I buy?
If I wanted to turn into a Corgi, what would I buy?
How much Lean Steak will you want for Summerfest?
In what zone would you capture a Sand Demon?
Capture a Scavenging Thunderbird?
What is the name of the Summerfest Zone Event?
Bonus - What is the name of the talking horse?

List of horse name guesses!

Bob x3
Dark Brown?
ed x9
Edward x115
Equine x2
Horse x29
I don’t remember
Mr Ed x2
Nobody Famous
Nobody famous. But every think that his name is Edward 🙂
Talking Horse
They dont have names