Scarlet Gorge

Cheevos found in H > Zones > Rift > Scarlet Gorge

A Barrel of Laughs

I Like it Rare

Knock Them Off Their Perch

For this cheevo you need to find and kill 4 Servants of Maelforge.
The area to find these mobs is here.. /setwaypoint 4869 3664

You can easily get to this location from the Rock Ridge South portal or from the Gloamwood Pines portal.
The Servants of Maelforge are on the houses and walkways built into the cliffs below you.
Carefully make your way down onto the walkways and kill 4 of them.

Lovers Leap

At the very top of the Riverfell Cliff at /setwaypoint 3671 2710 you will find the sign for the lovers leap.

From this location you need to jump down into the deep water below, walk up to the edge of the cliff, there is a slightly darker patch there that is a good spot to jump from.. Just walk off the edge of the cliff unmounted, there is no need to actually jump.

Cleansing Cultists

There are loads of these mobs scattered all over Scarlet Gorge.. I find the best place to farm this is the cave at /setwaypoint 4291 4302 – You can clear the entire cave (and the mobs just outside the entrance) and then switch shard and clear it again!

Make Up Your Own Mind

You will get this cheevo as part of the storyline quests.

Lord Of Suffering

You will get this cheevo as part of the storyline quests.
It is earned when you close the fire rift at /setwaypoint 4465 3547

Something Foul

Get this cheevo by standing outside the entrance to the Foul Cascade dungeon.
The entrance is at /setwaypoint 3701 2689 — 2/3rds of the way up the large cliff face of Riverfell in the very north of the zone.
From the bottom of the cliff, start at /setwaypoint 3723 2792
Or if you happen to have the Riverfell portal at the top of the cliff, use the ramp at /setwaypoint 3880 2695 to get there quickly!

Scarlet Fever

1. SALT RIME CAVERN – /setwaypoint 4313 4934
2. SUNREST CANYON – /setwaypoint 4365 4869
3. OLD MULE RUN – /setwaypoint 4642 4577
4. SCARWOOD LIFT BASE – /setwaypoint 4615 4364
5. FRAYWORN ROCK – /setwaypoint 4373 4291
6. IRONROOT DRAW – /setwaypoint 4685 4196
7. ROCKLIFT – /setwaypoint 4311 3917
8. THUNDERWORK RIDGE – /setwaypoint 4569 3831

9. ROCK RIDGE – /setwaypoint 4447 3581
10. GRANITEDUST GULCH – /setwaypoint 4322 3346
11. DEMON STEPS – /setwaypoint 4006 3385
12. STONECREST – /setwaypoint 3976 3226
13. OVERWATCH – /setwaypoint 4006 3040
14. CRIMSON WASH – /setwaypoint 3839 2979
15. RIVERFELL – /setwaypoint 3936 2662
16. DARKFIRE GROVE – /setwaypoint 4708 3456