Ember Isle

Cheevos found in H > Zones > Rift > Ember Isle

Ember Isle is technically two zones.. The main island is a level 50 ‘expansion area’ designed for level 50 raid geared players, it was released at the same time as the Planar Attunement points system, which is why a lot of the quests give a good amount of PA XP as a reward.

To the left/west of the main island is an underwater area that was built as a ‘small expansion area’ for level 60.. This was released just before the Nightmare Tide expansion to get us used to swimming and underwater combat! This area has a very small questline, however there are LOADS of nice easy rifts here, so its a perfect area for rift farming quests!

Emerald Enigma

Great Beasts Fear My Name

You can find a full guide to the Ember Isle rares here.

It's My Island!

This is the meta cheevo for completing all the 15 cheevos listed.
The reward for this cheevo is the ‘Cebren’ companion pet.

Cliff Diver

This is the ‘jump without dying’ cheevo for Ember Isle.
Although there is no longer fall damage, you will still need to land in deep water for the cheevo to pop.
Go to /setwaypoint 12942 3345
Stand at the very edge of the rock, facing south west and walk off to fall down into the crevice below.
When you land, head east, follow the water til you reach the Dormant Core area, just to the left of the opening will be a travel stone that takes you back up to Ember Watch.

He Followed Me Home

For this cheevo you need to find Tak’gnarl and kill him.
Tak’gnarl is a big cat that runs around most of the island! When you find him, he will be hunting ‘Snogs’ a small creature.
This picture is of Tak’gnarl at /setwaypoint 12601 3248
You can find Tak’gnarl in many locations around the island, a few of the spawn points are marked on the map below.
You may want to create a target macro to spam while you run around

/target tak’gnarl

(You will need to delete and retype the apostrophe in your macro UI as it will not copy and paste correctly)

The reward for this cheevo is the ‘snogs’ companion pet. It will arrive in the mail!

Delivering Dance

For this cheevo you need to dance ON TOP of 5 different mailboxes on the island.
You need to get on top of the mailboxes and use the /dance emote.

To get on top of the mailbox, walk right up to it and stand still, then turn around so your back is to the mailbox and jump and tap ‘s’ to inch backwards onto the mailbox.
Or for some of them you can simply jump onto it from a distance.

Once you are up simply type /dance in the chat box and hit enter

You will need to be careful as you will be entering NPC areas of the opposing factions.. if you are very careful then you should be able to get to the mailbox and dance on it quickly before either dying horribly (for level 50s) or running away (for level 70s).
If you happen to die before you manage to dance, just soul walk and jump up there while soulwalking and be ready to hit the dance button as soon as you respawn.

Here is a video of all the mailboxes, followed by a list of the waypoints for each one.

/setwaypoint 13447 4176
Defiant area.

/setwaypoint 13374 2846
Guardian area – Inside the cave.

/setwaypoint 12484 4089
Guardian area.

/setwaypoint 12400 3078
Defiant area.

/setwaypoint 13075 3443
Neutral area.

Envoys of Death and Storms

Complete the zone events listed in the cheevo, you can use YARET to track when they are up.

Defender of the Isle

Complete the zone events listed in the cheevo, you can use YARET to track when they are up.

The reward for this cheevo is the ‘Defender of the Isle’s Crown’
This unlocks Helmet > Costume > Defender of the Isle’s Crown

Isle Onslaught

You can farm these during zone events or go to the onslaught locations and farm invasions from them.

Purging Pyrkari

There are many areas on the island where you can find pyrkari.
I find the best place to farm them is Kheramos Village, just south of Atia.
There are around 30 pyrkari here. You can kill them all on one shard and then switch to carry on farming!

The Wanton Purged

A slightly different cheevo for Guardians and Defiants, you will get this cheevo at the end of the Ember Isle questline.
You can see the Guardian quests for Ember Isle here
You can see the Defiant quests for Ember Isle here

Keeping on for the Keepers

All these daily quests are picked up from Ember Watch, except the ‘Rumbling Thunder’ quest which is picked up from /setwaypoint 13455 3111 in Fractured Plain.
You will be able to pick up 6 quests each day, the quests are a random selection from the list, you may get the same quest a few days in a row, it may take a few weeks of checking before you get all of them!
Some of the quests are 5 man group quest that may be difficult for a level 50 to solo.

Finding the Source

Sourcewells are defensive areas of the island where onslaughts happen! They are also used as defence points during zone events.
You can use nexus infusion to upgrade the defence arch, once it is fully upgraded invasions will start to attack! Each sourcewell has a quest giver that gives a daily quest to destroy 20 of these invasions. There are turrets and lifesprings around to help you defend the arch during the onslaught. There are planar anomolies nearby to top up your planar charges to allow you to upgrade everything.

Dormant Defense Arch
Upgraded Defense Arch
  1. Forlorn Fen – /setwaypoint 12867 2671
  2. Tidewell Inlet – /setwaypoint 13299 2415
  3. Wellspring Flats – /setwaypoint 12954 3080
  4. The Stranglewood – /setwaypoint 12415 3553
  5. Nykantor Ruins – /setwaypoint 12889 3892
  6. Abundant Wilds – /setwaypoint 12936 4265
  7. Splintered Shallows – /setwaypoint 13819 2754
  8. Fractured Plain – /setwaypoint 13430 3205
  9. Gilded Strand – /setwaypoint 14066 3100
  10. Fell Fields – /setwaypoint 13291 3785
  11. Obsidian Shore – /setwaypoint 13851 4044
  12. Kheramos Village – /setwaypoint 13602 4452
  13. Temple Of Marakris – /setwaypoint 14176 4277

All Over the Isle

  1. Forlorn Fen – /setwaypoint 12764 2704
  2. Tidewell Inlet – /setwaypoint 13225 2403
  3. Wellspring Flats – /setwaypoint 12880 2844
  4. The Stranglewood – /setwaypoint 12555 3533
  5. Nykantor Ruins – /setwaypoint 12831 3995
  6. Abundant Wilds – /setwaypoint 13052 4420
  7. Splintered Shallows – /setwaypoint 13733 2956
  8. Fractured Plain – /setwaypoint 13337 3095
  9. Gilded Strand – /setwaypoint 14026 3072
  10. Fell Fields – /setwaypoint 13228 3859
  11. Obsidian Shore – /setwaypoint 13901 4178
  12. Kheramos Village – /setwaypoint 13651 4473
  13. Temple Of Marakris – /setwaypoint 14110 4261
  14. Searing Brink – /setwaypoint 13616 3711
  15. Dormant Core – /setwaypoint 13028 3478
  16. Atia – /setwaypoint 13437 4159
  17. Farhall – /setwaypoint 13263 2834
  18. Fort Zarnost – /setwaypoint 12415 4047
  19. Talos Landing – /setwaypoint 12338 303920
  20. Mount Carcera – /setwaypoint 14130 366521
  21. Ashen Fault – /setwaypoint 13308 3465

Underwater Area

Blue in the Face

This is the meta cheevo for completing the 5 cheevos listed.

For this cheevo you will get the title reward ‘Unfathomable’.

You will also get 3 dimension items, kelari lamp with yellow light, kelari hanging light and kelari wall sconce.
When you have the cheevo you will also be able to buy these 3 items from the DIMENSIONS > TROPHIES section of the rift store.

Wailing Abyss

Complete the zone event that happens in the underwater area.
This is very easy for a level 70 to solo.
Check YARET for when it is happening.
Camping in the zone with a few friends will help make it pop!

The Planar Depths

Close 20 rifts.
The rifts in this zone are particularly easy to close, they are great for rift farming quests!
Be aware that to credit this cheevo you need to fully close the rift, completing stage 4.

I Had The Strangest Dream

You will get this cheevo during the questline.

Deep Sea Defender

Complete the 12 carnages found in the area.
You can find a guide for these on the Ember Isle Underwater Area quest page.

Nautical Nightmares

These carnages are singular mobs that may be slighty more difficult (for level 60).
You can use a target macro to help you find them.
target aqanjale
target ichytchul
target nado
target heat sink


/setwaypoint 11685 3641


/setwaypoint 11702 3159


/setwaypoint 11469 3043
This fish swims around in a large triangle in the north of the underwater area.
It swims quite close to the surface.


/setwaypoint 11439 3911

Your Dreams Hate You

These can be found around the half buried buildings in the north of the underwater area /setwaypoint 11561 2886
And in the South in the half buried buildings around the lava spouts /setwaypoint 11482 4050
There are also some dotted around the underwater area, such as at /setwaypoint 11499 3312 and /setwaypoint 11765 3485
You can use a target macro to help you find them.
tar sinister
The respawn is pretty slow, so you may need to switch shards to get all 5. There are 27 spawn points, but only a few will be up at a time.
Just swim all around the 4 sunken buildings spamming your target macro til you find them.