Moonshade Highlands

Cheevos found in H > Zones > Rift > Moonshade Highlands

Go With the Flow

The Hidden Threat

I Wish I Had A Barrel

Go to /setwaypoint 7321 1878 in Moonshade Highlands and jump off the waterfall! You need to land in the water just in front of where the waterfall hits the sea below.

Kicking Rocks

Go to the Howling Hills area at /setwaypoint 7054 1661
Here you will find small rocks scattered all over the land.
Simply walk over these rocks and you will randomly hit one that will explode underneath you, this will throw you backwards and earn you a credit towards the cheevo, find 50 of these exploding rocks to complete the cheevo… Remember you can switch shard!
Be aware this cheevo can take a while due to the RNG nature of the exploding rocks 🙂

The Four Towers

1. Hammerlord Post- /setwaypoint 6819 1791
2. Kelpmere – /setwaypoint 6595 1694

3. Hammerknell East – /setwaypoint 6540 1350
4. Hammerknell West – /setwaypoint 6364 1351

Visit the 4 main towers in Moonshade Highlands – You will need to go up the stairs onto the upper platform of each tower and then into the little alcove, track your cheevo to ensure you get a tick before moving to the next one.


Go to /setwaypoint 6357 1122

Sobek Slaughter

Follow the southern bank of the large west lake and kill all the Sobek you encounter (there are loads!).
Don’t forget you can switch shard and kill more!

Dwarf Beards and Dwarf Tales

These quests count towards the quest cheevo for Moonshade Highlands ‘Closing the Shade’.


/setwaypoint 5963 2235
At this location you will find 3 peeps making a deal!
When you kill Captain Redhand he will drop the ‘Dwarven Runestone’ quest item. Right click this item to take the quest ‘Deal, Interrupted’.
Then simply hand in the quest at /setwaypoint 6377 1770


/setwaypoint 6222 1894
Go to the location and kill ‘Ravinus’ when he is dead the chest near him will become lootable. Loot the ‘Coronet of Dwarven Kings’ quest item from the chest and right click it to accept the quest.
Then simply hand in the quest at /setwaypoint 6377 1770


/setwaypoint 6900 1646
When you reach the location, speak to Professor Figalia, he will invite you to help him with one of his experiments.
The Professor will move to each of the launch platforms and you need to click the box under him to launch him, the first 3 will fail.
On the fourth platform the professor will have an unfortunate accident and you will able to loot his corpse for the quest item.
Right click the ‘Bloodsmeared Runebound Talisman’ to accept the quest.
Then simply hand in the quest at /setwaypoint 6377 1770


/setwaypoint 6468 1700
There is an air vent for 3 mins of underwater breathing at /setwaypoint 6490 1693
Down near the bottom of the lake is a boat with a lootable body. The boat is guarded by a pretty mean bad guy, you can use a stun and loot the body quickly or you can kill him and then loot the body.
From the body you will receive the quest item ‘Keg of Hammerknell Stout’ right click it to accept the quest.
Then simply hand in the quest at /setwaypoint 6377 1770


/setwaypoint 6862 2175
At the location you will find 3 dudes having a banter.
It is the ‘First Mate Slag’ that drops the quest item. Kill him to loot the ‘Ancient Dwarven Manuscript’ right click it to accept the quest.
Then simply hand in the quest at /setwaypoint 6377 1770

Hand of Judgment, Love Heals All, Mind and Body and An End Unforseen

You will receive all these cheevos during the soul story questline.

The Ebb of the Tidelord

The end of a series of quests picked up from ‘Captain Haghen’ at /setwaypoint 6301 1601
The quest at the end of the chain is called ‘The Churning Fates’.
This quest requires you to kill Tidelord Brenin.
When you hand the quest in you will pop the cheevo.

Highlands Explorer

1. TWILIT STAND – /setwaypoint 7059 2335
2. SUNDERED PATH – /setwaypoint 6891 2155
3. FAEMIST POINT – /setwaypoint 7366 2442
4. THREE SPRINGS – /setwaypoint 7314 2112
5. KIRNA’S ARBOR – /setwaypoint 6993 1983
6. MOONSHADE POOLS – /setwaypoint 7289 1833
7. HOWLING HILLS – /setwaypoint 7059 1660
8. BAHRALT’S ASCENT – /setwaypoint 6950 1125
9. TIMBERVEIL – /setwaypoint 5484 2197
10. LOWLANDS GULLEY – /setwaypoint 5678 2109
11. BOUNDARY RUINS – /setwaypoint 5978 2185

12. BLIGHTWEALD – /setwaypoint 5697 1696
13. ETCHED PLAINS – /setwaypoint 5955 1439
14. ACRID BASIN – /setwaypoint 5956 1885
15. KELPMERE – /setwaypoint 6492 1680
16. FAERING WOODS – /setwaypoint 6155 2031
17. ROCKSTREWN ACRES – /setwaypoint 6658 1966
18. MOLINAR CROSSING – /setwaypoint 6658 1500
19. GREY GARDENS – /setwaypoint 6310 1550
20. HAMMERKNELL FORTRESS – /setwaypoint 6461 1216
21. STONEKEY COURT – /setwaypoint 6102 1351

I had some trouble getting Faering Woods to pop, I have given the location where it finally happened!