Cheevos found in H > Zones > Rift > Stonefield

Spinning Plates

Fields of Shattered Foes

You can find a full guide to the Stonefield rares here.

Big and Ugly

In the Quarrystone Basin and Tembler Hills areas
/setwaypoint 5568 4842
You will find quite a few Stonecrush Giants.
These are very large bad guys! Hard to miss!
Kill 50 of them to pop the cheevo, remember you can switch shard to kill more.


Red Handed

Inside the Skull of the Fallen Titan you will find some miners and a red bag.
/setwaypoint 5446 5036
Simply click the bag to pop the cheevo!
Looting the bag has a 15 second cast time, at the end of the loot your cheevo will pop but the 3 friendly miners will realise you are stealing their stuff and attack you! So be prepared to either kill them or run away!

Above Granite Falls

The next three cheevos are all located in the area above Granite Falls.. This is how you get up there..
Note the cairn you will see at the top of the slope to get up..

Dancing With Squirrels

When you make it to the top of the hill, first go to /setwaypoint 4914 4669
Here you will find a torch in the ground with a group of dancing squirrels!
Say /dance in the chat to dance along with them and earn your cheevo.

Mountain Climber

Then make your way over to the area around /setwaypoint 4951 4795 to pop the mountain climber cheevo!


For the final cheevo from the three, you need to make you way back over to where the cairn was on the way up the mountain and then carefully make your way to /setwaypoint 4840 4941

Underneath you is an area of water slightly darker than the rest, that is because this is deep water and that is where you need to land to pop the cheevo.

Simply walk (not mounted) off the rock, aiming for the area of water halfway between the large rock on the left and the shoreline to the right.

Message Received

Note: this cheevo is not available for Guardians.
The quest ‘mind the trolls’ is part of a chain of quests picked up in Quarrystone Base Camp – /setwaypoint 5679 4753
Once you have finished the quest go to /setwaypoint 5211 5324 there you will find Korbosh in his tent.
Simply click the glyph that you can see behind him (you may want to kill him first!).

Into The Deep

Go to the well at /setwaypoint 4474 5264 and swim down to the bottom.

No Stone Unturned

1. FAR MINE LOOP – /setwaypoint 5877 4712
2. TEMBLOR HILLS – /setwaypoint 5498 4821
3. QUARRYSTONE BASIN – /setwaypoint 5610 4948
4. TITAN’S REST – /setwaypoint 5448 5028
5. QUARRYSTONE ROAD – /setwaypoint 5692 4994
6. COTERIE CAMP – /setwaypoint 5691 5120
7. STONEFIELD PRAIRIE – /setwaypoint 5187 4956
8. THE HARROW – /setwaypoint 5086 4760

9. DREADBONE SHELF – /setwaypoint 5174 5227
10. GRANITE FALLS – /setwaypoint 5026 5048
11. DEEPSTRIKE EXCAVATION – /setwaypoint 4798 5248
12. TOWERING STEPPES – /setwaypoint 4415 5184
13. TITAN’S WELL – /setwaypoint 4472 5251
14. THE LAST VALLEY – /setwaypoint 4029 5542
15. PASSAGE OF THE ANCIENTS – /setwaypoint 4125 5307
16. SENTRY STATION – /setwaypoint 4058 5410