Cheevos found in H > Zones > Rift > Gloamwood

Shield Wall

You can find a full guide to the Gloamwood puzzle here.

A Grizzly Business

You can find a full guide to the Gloamwood rares here.

Are You Nuts!

Climb up to the top of the tree using the path found at /setwaypoint 5239 3098

Once at the top, find the barrel that is between a bench and a crate – /setwaypoint 5268 3085 – Carefully stand on top of this barrel, then jump off the barrel into the water below.

Wanton Destruction

There are loads of goblins to kill in the Standing Stones area at /setwaypoint 5052 2740
There are also loads of goblins near the entrance to Darkening Deeps at /setwaypoint 4950 2349

Trophy Hunter

NOTE: This cheevo is not available for Defiants.

Each of these trophies are dropped by a particular type of mob in Gloamwood. You need to kill the mob and then loot the quest item, right click the item to accept the quest and then simply hand the item in to the correct NPC to gain a tick towards the cheevo.
You will likely need to kill more than one of each of the mobs, drop rates are varied! It is best to go to each area and kill everything in sight until you loot the correct item.

This is dropped by the goblins in the Standing Stones area, it dropped for me from a Nightrock Witchdoctor.
The loot item you receive is a ‘goblin necklace’.

This is dropped by the spiders in the Silkweb Pass area, it dropped for me from a Gloamsilk Widow.
The loot item you receive is a ‘venomous fang’.

This is dropped by the Shademarked mobs in the Mathosian Mill area, it dropped for me from a Shademarked Cutthroat.
The loot item you receive is a ‘fractured rib’.

This is dropped by the ghosts just south of Millrush Pond, it dropped for me from a Tormented Spirit.
The loot item you receive is a ‘translucent aether’.
This is the one that gave me the most trouble! While the other 3 items dropped after less than 15 kills of various mobs in the correct area… this one… well, I must have killed at least 50 of these ghosts! — The internet says there should be a mob there called Balemouth which drops it every time.. I never saw that mob spawn.. The internet also says it drops from the wretched spirits too.. I did kill a few Wretched Spirits but the item dropped for me from a Tormented Spirit.. eventually!

Silent Vigil

Go to the cave at /setwaypoint 4268 2410
At the back of the cave you will find the shrine to click.

In Dark Places

Waypoints are for the entrance to each cave, you will need to go down inside the cave to tick it off the cheevo.
You may get the ‘area discovered’ pop up near the entrance of the cave, be aware that this will not necessarily pop a tick for this cheevo, you will need to go right to the back of each cave to tick them off! Check your cheevo for each tick before moving to the next cave.
Note: For Greybriar Hollow you need to go through the large cave all the way to the back of the second smaller cave.

1. BROODMOTHER’S LAIR – /setwaypoint 5809 3584
2. DARKROCK CAVERNS – /setwaypoint 5127 2657
3. DEEPROOT FISSURE – /setwaypoint 5079 3018
4. DARKROCK SPIDER CAVE – /setwaypoint 5215 2738
5. DEEPWOOD COTTAGE – /setwaypoint 4243 2925
6. GREYBRIAR HOLLOW – /setwaypoint 4724 2902

7. MILLRUSH TROLL CAVE – /setwaypoint 4493 2823
8. MILLRUSH POND – /setwaypoint 4314 2763
9. SHADEFALLEN KEEP – /setwaypoint 4762 2517
10. TEARFALL CATACOMBS – /setwaypoint 4776 2552
11. TEARFALL CREEK – /setwaypoint 4737 2721
12. CAVE OF THE SHRINE – /setwaypoint 4268 2410

Keeper of the Ways

1. SILKWEB PASS – /setwaypoint 5623 3466
2. GLOAMWOOD PINES – /setwaypoint 5132 3219
3. SOLEMN OUTLOOK – /setwaypoint 5409 2863
4. GROVE OF THE ANCIENTS – /setwaypoint 5270 2535
5. STANDING STONES – /setwaypoint 4973 2694
6. DARKENING DEEPS – /setwaypoint 4953 2318
7. TEARFALL CREEK – /setwaypoint 4817 2610
8. TEARFALL RUN – /setwaypoint 4624 2738

9. GREYBRIAR HOLLOW – /setwaypoint 4723 2902
10. DEEPWOOD COTTAGE – /setwaypoint 4241 2942
11. MILLRUSH POND – /setwaypoint 4325 2749
12. MATHOSIAN MILL – /setwaypoint 4405 2595
13. SHADEFALLEN TOWERS – /setwaypoint 4687 2600
14. SHADEFALLEN KEEP – /setwaypoint 4608 2441
15. LOGGERMANS LIFT – /setwaypoint 4318 2314