A selection of awesomeness from the PRIME shard.
Big groups of players killing Big Bad Guys in the open world. Pretty much how RIFT should be played!
The prime shard was open from spring 2018 to spring 2019.

Choo Choo Train in Droughtlands

I Hit Level 50 Handing in Artifacts Like a Pro!

So Many Mystic Archers!

Killing the Droughtlands Dragon

Shimmersand Event Boss

These Ghosts are so Pretty!

Defend the Cows!

Destroying Stuff in Shimmersand

Closing Rifts in Shimmersand

Zone Event in Iron Pine Peak

Big Bad Boss in Shimmersand

Rift Closing Raid Through Stonefield During Zone Event

Closing Rifts – 3 Raids

Gloamwood Boss

The Bugged Stonefield Event

The Race to 50!

The Very Start