Concept Art

Concept art is often very interesting to look at and compare with what actually made it into the game!
It really helps you to appreciate the work that goes into making characters and world locations come to life.. every pixel matters!
Below you will find a few concept art pictures. Some of the world pictures I have matched up to the real area that made it into the game.
You can find links to other concept art albums at the bottom of the page.


Links to other Concept Art albums and information, please let me know if you find more!

Rift.Pictures Concept Art – A few art albums sorted into different catagories, including items from world event, raids and various zones.

Viorel Rai’s Artstation – Some of the characters and textures designed by Viorel Rai, one of the many artists that has worked on Rift.

Oleksandr Lypkan’s Artstation – One of the artists who created many of the spell and item icons.

Mike HaoChin Chang’s Artstation – Loads of Art from the Prophecy of Ahnket (Starfall Prophecy) Expansion.

Rift Character Art Reel – Hai Phan – A video of some character models created by Hai Phan.

conceptartworld – An album of concept art.

Pinterest – An album of concept art. – An album of concept art.