Vostigar Peaks

Cheevos found in H > Zones > Prophecy of Ahnket > Vostigar Peaks

Astronomic Assassin

Dopey Opie + Electrifying

Cheevos earned during the Vostigar Peaks puzzle.
You can find a full guide here.


Awarded for completing all the cheevos in Vostigar Peaks.

The Jet Set + Comet Carnage + Celestial Clean Up + Endless War

These cheevos are all earned by completing the Quests and Carnages in Vostigar Peaks. You can find a full guide here.

Automata Destruct

You will likely kill 1000 Ahnket Automata while doing the questline and then the dailies in VP.
You will find these mobs all over the zone, but there is a good cluster to farm just to the East of Uttila East in the Path of Destruction
/setwaypoint 4082 3281
Here you will find plenty of ‘Wandering Utukku’ and ‘Alu Infantry’ that both count towards the cheevo.

Cohort Culling

You will likely kill 1000 Storm Legion Cohort while doing the questline and then the dailies in VP.
You will find these mobs all over the zone, but there is a good cluster of ‘Legion Infantry’ to farm in Tenon Fortress
/setwaypoint 3429 2080

The OFS Cultists in Uttila West also count towards this.
/setwaypoint 3747 3440

Dragos Dragons

Hidden throughout Vostigar Peaks are baby dragons to find! These dragons are generally found in hard to reach places. Using a target macro to help find them them will not work, the dragons are not targetable.

When you find a dragon there will be text on the screen to say you have found it and it will show up in yellow writing on your general chat tab

Quick Guide

A quick guide for those of you who like a challenge 🙂
SHEORYN /setwaypoint 3942 1616 – ANETH /setwaypoint 3643 3342 – BYLLO /setwaypoint 3063 2871 – LEDEI /setwaypoint 4445 3021 – SARVYR /setwaypoint 3292 2092 – AGHESS /setwaypoint 4462 1385 – CEIPU /setwaypoint 4050 2062 – FRADHEORAN /setwaypoint 3238 2429 – FIRVIPHIESS /setwaypoint 3405 2825 – MEGAERILTH /setwaypoint 4281 2330 – GYNEORTH /setwaypoint 3960 3683 –  DAKILTH /setwaypoint 3715 3176 – SAMILTH /setwaypoint 3964 2035 – CEREL /setwaypoint 3158 2530 – SHORIS /setwaypoint 2606 2696 – LELLO /setwaypoint 2761 2676 – IRUTH /setwaypoint 3668 3475 – GARLELANTH /setwaypoint 2673 2707 – QOMMYSSE /setwaypoint 2998 3029 – CAGHILAY /setwaypoint 4510 1875 – OPHUTH /setwaypoint  4100 1412 – HONU /setwaypoint 4450 2549 – PAZEOR /setwaypoint 3966 3326 – HAROT /setwaypoint 3901 2612

Detailed Guide

/setwaypoint 3942 1616
Climb up the mountain from /setwaypoint 3977 1682


/setwaypoint 3643 3342
This dragon is on the very end of a spike poking out of the wall. You need to drop down from the top.
To get to the top you need to go all the way around and climb up from behind.

Drop onto the spike by falling from /setwaypoint 3631 3340
Zoom in on your mini-map to ensure you are stood in the right spot


/setwaypoint 3063 2871
The opening to the cave is at /setwaypoint 3068 2828
Climb up onto the head and then stand ‘in the eye’. Jump towards the dragon (not mounted). You will likely get close enough to the dragon for the tick, you may even land near him rather than dropping down!


/setwaypoint 4445 3021
Jump up onto the tree roots from /setwaypoint 4457 3025


/setwaypoint 3292 2092
Enter the underground building at /setwaypoint 3398 2112
Then take a right at /setwaypoint 3334 2158
The dragon is behind some cages in the corner.


/setwaypoint 4462 1385
Climb up the ramp at /setwaypoint 4402 1418 then jump up to ledge on the tower.


/setwaypoint 4050 2062
Ceipu is in the magicians tower on the ground floor, no climbing involved, you find the gap between the two walls and follow it to the end.


/setwaypoint 3238 2429
Jump onto the building from the mountain nearby at /setwaypoint 3211 2402


/setwaypoint 3405 2825
Climb up the mountain at /setwaypoint 3482 2703 then travel along to its peak


/setwaypoint 4281 2330
Climb up the hill from /setwaypoint 4314 2380 then dismount and follow the top of the hill all the way to the waypoint.


/setwaypoint 3960 3683
Approach the rocks from the north at /setwaypoint 3924 3594
Drop down to the broken road at /setwaypoint 3923 3619
Stand at /setwaypoint 3958 3680 below you are 3 spikes, 1 on the left and 2 on top of each other to the right, Gyneorth is on the lowest spike on the right up against the wall.
You need to drop down to the left side spike first (as in the first picture). From here you have 2 options, you can move away from the wall towards the end of the spike and attempt to jump/walk onto the spike with Gyneorth on it… this will likely take a few attempts. Your other option (and the one I recommend) is to move close to the wall on the left spike still and simply step down (Dont jump! Just face the right direction and step forward) in the direction of Gyneorth, you will likely miss the spike on the right and end up falling all the way down, but you will fall so close to the dragon that he will tick off your list anyway!


/setwaypoint 3715 3176
This dragon is hidden on a pipe up against the building, you need to drop down from through the gap above at /setwaypoint 3696 3189


/setwaypoint 3964 2035
Samilth is high up on a wall around the Magicians Tower.
Climb up the rubble at /setwaypoint 4018 2027 then walk along the edge of the wall til you reach the dragon.


/setwaypoint 3158 2530
This dragon is in an underground bunker, the entrance is at /setwaypoint 3286 2562
The dragon is resting up near the ceiling, you only need to get to the top of the fallen head beneath him for it to count for the cheevo. I have shown the jump in the video.


/setwaypoint 2606 2696
Very high up on the mountain! Approach from the north. after you have this dragon, Garlelanth is just down the hill a little.


/setwaypoint 2761 2676
There is a cave entrance at /setwaypoint 2845 2707
Go down inside the cave and climb up the walls to get to the small opening.. On the first picture shown, you climb up the left side (/setwaypoint 2748 2663), then walk across the top till you reach the corner (/setwaypoint 2748 2674), from there you can jump down into the hidden room where the dragon is.


/setwaypoint 3668 3475
Building entrance is at /setwaypoint 3676 3429
This little guy is sheltering on top of the wall behind a head statue.
You can use the large fallen head at /setwaypoint 3663 3463 to get up to the wall and then walk across.


/setwaypoint 2673 2707
This dragon is on top of a mountain, close to Shoris.


/setwaypoint 2998 3029
This dragon is resting on top of a mountain.
Climb up the mountain from /setwaypoint 3092 2850


/setwaypoint 4510 1875
This dragon is inside the underground building, the entrance is at /setwaypoint 4446 1769

There are a few bookcases up against the walls that you should climb up, this will get you on top of the wall where the dragon is.


/setwaypoint  4100 1412
To get inside the building, take the entrance at /setwaypoint 4190 1472
Inside the building there are many mobs, 3 of them will be in the area you need to be jumping, so make sure you are in a spec able to kill stuff. There is also a super elite mob called ‘Pumpkin 2’ with a very fast respawn timer, try to avoid him as best you can, as long as you stay within the jump area you shouldn’t pull him.

The dragon is positioned high up on a bookcase, there is the hard way to get there, with no special abilities… this involves jumping up various obstacles until you reach the dragon, as depicted in these two videos…

There is nearly a full hour of ‘out-takes’ of these jumps.. many many failed attempts!!

Thankfully there is also an easier way to do the jumps, the first and easiest being to use one of the jumping mounts, OPIE or the jet pack will work just fine.

The other way is to use the Glyph of the Shalistiri, crafted by a Runecrafter, this glyph will make your normal character jump extra bouncy..

When you make these jumps, you may not land on the bookcase first time, however it is likely that you will still get close enough to the dragon for a tick on the cheevo, so watch out for the text!


/setwaypoint 4450 2549
This lickle baby dragon is very very small, almost impossible to see from a distance! He is tucked into the corner of two rocks.


/setwaypoint 3966 3326
This dragon is very easy to get to, its not on top of the tower, but around the front of it, approach the broken tower from the north side and you will easily see the dragon!


/setwaypoint 3901 2612
This dragon is inside a cave underground. The entrance to the cave is at /setwaypoint 3957 2599
When you enter the cave, head to the end and you will find a Lamassu juggernaut to kill! on the wall to the left is a small crevice.. 

Go inside the crevice and just to the left on the floor is a cute baby dragon!

This location will also credit the third factory for the ‘secret simulacra’ cheevo

Secret Simulacra

In Vostigar Peaks there are 7 factories hidden beneath the ground.


/setwaypoint 4499 2032
The entrance to the cave is at /setwaypoint 4475 2106
The entrance is tucked under the roots of a large tree, go through the roots and down the tunnel to find the factory.


/setwaypoint 4253 2315
The entrance to the cave is at /setwaypoint 4251 2390


/setwaypoint 3901 2593
The entrance to the cave is at /setwaypoint 3957 2599


/setwaypoint 2723 2676
The entrance to the cave is at /setwaypoint 2860 2711


/setwaypoint 2981 2130 
The entrance to the cave is at /setwaypoint 2985 2198


/setwaypoint 3066 2894
The entrance to the cave is at /setwaypoint 3068 2824


/setwaypoint 3225 2065
The entrance to the cave is at /setwaypoint 3263 2006
This cave is regularly featured as part of the daily quests in Vostigar Peaks.

Stranger Tales

For this cheevo you need to find AND READ some books from Vostigar Peaks, all the books are located in Uttila East.
Once you have found the book, you right click it to pick it up, it will appear as an item in your bags. Right click this item to ‘collect’ the book. It will be added to your book collection.
To find your book collection, open up your character screen [c] and select ‘books’ on the left side menu.
The books are ‘mostly’ in alphabetical order so it should be easy enough to find them.
Left click the book to read it and it will tick off your cheevo list.


/setwaypoint 3935 3388
A stand with a projection on top.

2018-09-25 (24)

/setwaypoint 3970 3480
A scroll on the table.

2018-09-25 (25)

/setwaypoint 3996 3363
A large book on the table.

2018-09-25 (26)

/setwaypoint 3995 3471
A small orb stuck in the wall.

2018-09-25 (27)

/setwaypoint 3935 3447
A stone tablet propped up against the boxes.

2018-09-25 (28)

/setwaypoint 3953 3392
A floating cube on top of the fallen head.

2018-09-25 (29)

Trip the Light Fantastic

  1. Path of Destruction
  2. Uttila East
  3. Uttila West
  4. The Simulacrum Factory
  5. The Drained Forest
  6. The Source Collectors
  7. The Forgotten Forest
  8. The Lost Circle
  9. Kilcual
  10. Rabado Base
  11. The Front
  12. Ahnket’s Glen
  13. The Farm
  14. The Landing
  15. Crucia’s Claw
  16. Fort Onocro
  17. Fort Strutio
  18. The Maze of Steel
  19. The Magician’s Tower
  20. Tenon Fortress
  21. Ahnket’s Tail