Ashenfell Cheevos



A lot of the mobs around ‘The gates of flame’ area /setwaypoint 2854 4685 count towards this cheevo.
You can also follow the path through the fields of slaughter and kill pretty much everything you see to credit the cheevo.


For this cheevo, you simply need to talk to 7 different NPCs. There is a catch however.. you can only ‘see’ the NPCs while you are dead! Not only dead, but dead and with the ‘resurrect’ window open..

So, you need to agro some mobs near where the NPC will be and die as close to correct location as possible, when you die, hit respawn (soul walk wont work), this will take you to the nearest graveyard, then you walk while dead back towards where you died, there you will see your gravestone and the ‘resurrect’ window will pop up.. dont click it! Look at the location of the waypoint for the NPC and talk to him while you are still dead, this will tick the NPC off your list and you can then resurrect and continue to the next location.

Most of the locations have a few normal mobs close enough to pull them over and then allow them to kill you. If you cant see any mobs, try switching shard and seeing if there is a rift or foothold nearby that can assist you with dying 🙂

For reduced travel times between the NPCs I recommend you complete the cheevo in the following order..


/setwaypoint 3558 4336
This one is on top of the shrine of decay, at the bottom of the steps to the shrine is a mob called slaughter demon that can kill you, go to the top of the stairs with the mob and let him kill you there, then walk back to the location while dead and talk to MARKUS


/setwaypoint 3536 4563
There are a number of mobs wandering around at the bottom of the cliff that will be happy to end your life, try to die as near to the cliff as possible. Hit respawn and then walk while dead back to the waypoint, you need to go up at /setwaypoint 3497 4527 and then talk to Lunarus Dusk.


/setwaypoint 3222 4485
This one is on top of the shrine of dystopia, at the bottom of the steps to the shrine is a wandering mob called ogre soldier that can kill you, go halfway to the top of the stairs with the mob and let him kill you there, then walk back to the location while dead and talk to ADAMAS


/setwaypoint 2414 4289
This one is on a rock near the shrine of bloodlust, there is an infernal hound near the bottom of the slope that you can pull to kill you.


/setwaypoint 2689 4004
This one is at the top of the stairs to the shrine of hatred, there are a couple of alaviax patrolmen near the bottom of the slope that you can pull to kill you.


/setwaypoint 2819 3540
This one is inside the little alcove/cave. There aren’t many mobs around to kill you, so your best bet is to switch shards and hope there is a rift or foothold in the area to kill you near the location.


/setwaypoint 3162 3521
This one is at the top of the shrine of isolation, there are a couple of alaviax patrolmen near the bottom of the slope that you can pull to kill you.


At each waypoint will be a vendor who you need to buy each item from.


/setwaypoint 3723 3944
The vendor called ‘Arno’ is hidden deep inside the hedge!


/setwaypoint 3315 4650
Make your way up the hill at /setwaypoint 3155 4533
The vendor called ‘Hizzah’ is tucked up in the rocks.


/setwaypoint 2180 4591
The vendor called ‘Kruul’ is tucked under a rock very near the LFR TD portal.. If you accidentally enter into the portal, just exit again once inside TD and try again!


/setwaypoint 3236 5623
The vendor called ‘Rakuul’ is next to the lava lake.. to avoid a lot of pain, its easy enough to jump down from the bridge above at /setwaypoint 3250 5599


I have numbered all the locations and placed the numbers on the map of Ashenfell.

1 – /setwaypoint 3319 5642
2 – /setwaypoint 3088 5456
3 – /setwaypoint 2604 5407
4 – /setwaypoint 2433 5341
5 – /setwaypoint 2641 5095
6 – /setwaypoint 2740 5103
7 – /setwaypoint 3184 5093
8 – /setwaypoint 3468 4591
9 – /setwaypoint 2999 4474
10 – /setwaypoint 2870 4623
11 – /setwaypoint 2410 4704

12 – /setwaypoint 3542 3992
13 – /setwaypoint 2490 4353
14 – /setwaypoint 3139 5274
15 – /setwaypoint 2998 4424
16 – /setwaypoint 2905 3528
17 – /setwaypoint 2631 4293
18 – /setwaypoint 2433 4286
19 – /setwaypoint 3176 3508
20 – /setwaypoint 2700 4000
21 – /setwaypoint 3575 4345
22 – /setwaypoint 3215 4500


This cheevo/quest is actually located in Tenebrean Schism even tho the cheevo is listed under Ashenfell.
To get to the quest location, go into the Tenebrean Schism and head to /setwaypoint 4016 4807
Here you will find a ‘mirror’ to click that will teleport you up to the particle quest.

You will find yourself on a platform very high up in the sky, with two more mirrors to click and quest daily to pick up.
The quest daily is to capture 20 particles of cosmic energy.
For the last stage of the eternal weapon quest and for the cheevo, you will need to pick up 25 particles.

When you click the mirror ‘charge realignment console’ you will be given a temporary ability bar..

On this bar will be your two main abilities..

Major Charge Release
This ability will shoot you forward a far distance.

Minor Charge Release
This ability will shoot you forward a short distance.

Looking down over the edge of the platform you will see the first few orbs.
You will notice there are BLUE orbs, that will add a particle to your character but there are also RED orbs that will take a particle away!
There are a total of 25 blue orbs.. So to complete your weapon quest or to get the cheevo you will need to collect ALL of the blue orbs and avoid ALL of the red orbs.

To start, you simply jump off of the platform.. preferably in the direction of that first blue orb..
Once you have collected it, swing to the left and hit button 1.. this will shoot you forward a far distance and you should land just above the second orb, allow yourself to fall through it to collect it, then swing to the right and shoot far forward again to land just above the third blue orb… and continue!

  • You will definitely be wanting to use your mouse to turn your character, keyboard movements are going to be far to slow, especially towards the bottom of the puzzle!
  • At the top of the puzzle, the particles are pretty well spaced out with very few red orbs , but as you near the bottom the orbs will be closer together with red orbs inbetween them.
  • Towards the top of the puzzle you can pretty much just use your ‘shoot far’ ability to land nicely just above each orb.
  • In the middle of the puzzle you will need to start using both abilities in order to position your character correctly.
  • Towards the end of the puzzle you will need to constantly switch between the two abilities, micro-managing every movement to ensure you hit all the blues and none of the reds!
  • Look at the cooldown timers and press your next ability when the cooldown for the previous one is halfway.. this will ensure you keep travelling horizontally instead of vertically!
  • When you push 1 or 2, your ability will fire, you will shoot forward and ‘land’ and then begin to fall.. if you wait too long before pushing the next ability then you will start to fall waaaay too fast and will miss blue orbs.. you will soon get used to the timings with practice.
  • Try to ‘land’ just above the next blue orb, this is more difficult and sometimes impossible towards the very end of the puzzle.
  • When you are falling through the orb, turn your character with your mouse so you are facing the next orb (hold right mouse button down and turn your mouse)then hit your next ability to take you to the next orb as soon as your current orb has been collected.
  • LAG is not your friend here… reduce it as much as you can, turn off all other bandwidth stealing machinery in the house! Close every other program on your PC and experiment with turning down your graphics settings in rift, to hopefully give you as smooth a ride as possible!
  • GROUPING will not help here.. you will only get credit for orbs you hit yourself!
  • There are a lot of people out there who find this ‘puzzle’ very easy.. they will tell you that they got 25 in 2 tries and that if you cant do it then you don’t deserve the weapon upgrade (!!!) … just ignore them!

Here is a video of me capturing 25 particles..

…and here is 25 mins of out-takes before i got the 25 particles!!!

just keep at it peeps 🙂