Critter Champions

Squirrel on PTS

Cheevos found in H > Planes > Planar Champion> Critter Champion

Fixes/changes that still need fixing

— Spawning the bosses takes HOURS.. its tedious boring work that needs refining and made into something more fun.
— Spider boss is currently offline

Where to find the Critter Champions

Critter Champions are spawned by you!
Each Critter Champion has its own attributed critter type, so the Squirrel Champion will be linked with all the normal squirrel critters, the Crab Champion with the crab critters etc.
The Champions will get very cross and spawn only when enough of their kin has been slaughtered, so to spawn the Squirrel Chamion you must kill many Squirrel Critters! The spawn will be random, it can take thousands of critter kills.

The Critter Champions can be spawned by any level character in any level zone (exemptions that we know about are listed at the bottom of this page), the Champions will always be level 70 with a T2 raid difficulty.

Only specific areas with critters will spawn the Champions, please let us know if you find a new area!

The 'Homesick' buff on the boss lets you know how long you have left to kill it.
So we gotta kill Critters?

Indeed. More specifically, Critters of a certain type in a certain area to spawn the boss you want.
— You do not need to mentor down to kill the critters, so feel free to spam that level 70 AOE!
— You are after quantity not quality! If you find a good spot to farm a specific critter type let us know!
— After a few attempts to spawn a boss, we estimate it takes around 3000-4000 critter kills to spawn a boss, this will take group of 10 players around 2 hours of critter killing, adding more player will reduce the time, so the more the merrier!
— Keep track of what you are killing when the boss pops, there are, for instance, hundreds of squirrel critters in the world, it would be nice to fine tune that list into locations we know will spawn the boss.
— When the boss spawns you will have 60 mins to kill it before it despawns.. So ensure you make a group quickly to kill it and try not to be spawning a boss if there are already bosses up elsewhere being killed, one at a time is the way to go!
— The boss will stay still after it spawns, it doesn’t wander around

What is a Critter?

Critters are NOT normal mobs.
Critters are usually smaller mobs that are neutral (yellow) before you agro them.
They are almost always level 1 with very little health (easy to one shot even at low level)

Killing the Critter Champions..

We know from the PTS testing that the Critter Champions are gonna be super mean. These are open world bosses designed to be killed by at least a full raid, preferable 2 or 3 full raids!
— The Critter Champions will always be level 70 with a set health pool, they do not scale for the amount of players, so the more players you can get in your group the easier it will be!
43.9 BILLION health – Requiring 12,194,444 DPS as a group – Be aware all the bosses have mechanics that will stun/snare/trap players which will significantly lower your DPS.
— Any player can join in – those without enough HIT will be boosted to 2400 HIT while near the boss.
— All of the Critter Champions spawn adds.. lots and lots of adds! Make sure you have some AoE crowd control and a decent tank or 2!
— There will be a lot of raid damage, as well as random stuns, webbing and other effects.. don’t assume that these are tank and spank!
— You can hit the boss and then walk away, allowing people with high DPS to make the kill, this will hopefully help with the lag issues too! Check to see if there are enough people killing before you walk away. If you leave, you will still get your Doubloon loot, but you wont get the cheevo for killing and may not be eligible for other drops – (be aware this may be changed at any point)

Rewards for the kill!

The Critter Champions drop a new kind of currency called Planar Doubloons.
They also drop pets which will give you a cheevo when you summon then. These pets are tradeable to other players.

There will be a new vendor to spend your doubloons at, we don’t yet know where it is or what it will sell…

Obviously I will update this section with more info once the vendor is live!

Eki'i - Spiders' Revenge



Summon Eki’i by killing spider critters.

In the blue area you will find spiders!

Spawn Location 
All around the magma in the south (from the gateway to the border with Gedlo)
2 kinds of Spider Critters to kill

/tar glass spider
/tar tartaric tarantula

Hunting Macro

tar Eki
tar glass spider
tar tartaric tarantula


Cocoon – Any 20 players in the fight area (think 100 metre radius) can be cocooned for a set length of time, no cleanse or DPS can save you!
Egg Sacs – Spawn often and will spawn mini spiders more and more the longer they are up. Kill the egg sacs quickly to despawn the mini spiders. (don’t waste DPS on the mini spiders!)

For killing the Critter Champion Eki'i
Arachnid Amore
For summoning the Pet that drops from Eki'i

Alisich - Squirrels' Revenge


Summon Alisich by killing squirrel critters.

Yellow area full of squirrels!

Spawn Location 1
Ashenfell – South East
The Black Forest
/setwaypoint 3156 5486
Fire Squirrels and Plumetail Squirrels

/tar squirrel

Hunting Macro

tar Alisich
tar squirrel


It is widely accepted now that the best way to kill this is with a super strong tank, with good AOE agro and lots of heals directed at them. The whole raid/groups should all stack up as close as possible to the tank. This will ensure the tanks can gather up the squirrel adds quickly and healers can throw ‘do not die’ cooldowns on the tanks til the adds despawn.


Squirrel Summon – The boss will spawn a group of baby squirrels.. THEY HIT HARD. The tank needs to grab them asap and be healed A LOT. Single Target DPS is a must to ensure you don’t accidentally agro the little squirrels.

Thelori-iskzah - Crabs' Revenge


Lets go find some crabs!

There are crab critters all over Goboro Reef and in the East of Ember Isle

Hunting Macro

tar Thelori
tar crab


The boss has 43.9 Billion health.
The raid should all stack up together near a ‘corner’ ready to hide during the Rising Tide cast. 
The tank needs to hold the crab at the corner as close as possible while still allowing the raid to line of sight easily.


Tidal Wave – Interruptible
The Crab will knock back players and deal damage, Interrupt this.

Rising Tide – Line of Sight
Massive damage, mostly instant death, players need to hide from the boss, behind a rock/tree/solid thing.

Turtle Friend
The Crab will spawn a turtle add called Chelonion Behemoth – The add constantly acsts vile spores, keep it rupted – Has 8.4 billion health (not meant to be killed, don’t waste your DPS!) – Stays up for 40 seconds.

Drowning Debuff – currently broken
There is a drowning debuff around the boss – You will take take 40-45k damage per second from it, the debuff can be cleansed but is reapplied within 20-30 seconds.

2020-05-15 (5)
Crab Legs and Butter
For killing the Critter Champion Thelori-iskzah
Bottom Feeders, Unite!
For summoning the Pet that drops from Thelori-iskzah
2020-05-21 (14)

Terinoloi - Scorpions Revenge


Pink area to kill Scorpions

Spawn Location 1 (not confirmed)
Ashenfell – South East
Teeth of the Alaviax and The lake of fire.

/tar Glass Scorpion

Hunting Macro

tar Terinoloi

Squishing Scorpions
For killing the Critter Champion Terinoloi
Ew, Just ... Ewwwww.
For summoning the Pet that drops from Terinoloi

Raglinoc - Canines' Revenge


fox’s in tarken ascent?

Hunting Macro

tar Raglinoc

Canine Corpsemaker
For killing the Critter Champion Raglinoc
Bark, Bite, Growl... It's All Bad!
For summoning the Pet that drops from Raglinoc

Kioawli - Felines' Revenge


Hunting Macro

tar Kioawli

Kitten Killin'
For killing the Critter Champion Kioawli
Purrrrfect Summons
For summoning the Pet that drops from Kioawli

Ssharasshaz - Snakes' Revenge


Hunting Macro

tar Ssharasshaz

Smashin' Snakes
For killing the Critter Champion Ssharasshaz
Isn't a Snake With Arms a Little Odd?
For summoning the Pet that drops from Ssharasshaz

Spots where the bosses wont spawn

King’s Retreat, Longshore Highway and Kindra’s Thicket

Critter summon NPC in Ashenfell

An NPC has arrived in the Arena of Souls in Ashenfell to sell you an item that will summon a world boss.
/setwaypoint 2770 3420
The NPC can only be seen on a PVP shard while you have the critter killer debuff active.
The critter killer debuff will be active for 10 minutes after killing any critter.

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You can only buy one each day. Once you have bought your bag of critters, that bag will lock for the rest of the day.