Zurde’s Reality Imprint

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Looted in Uttila East in Vostigar Peaks at /setwaypoint 3995 3471 – Looting this book credits the cheevo ‘Stranger Tales‘.

Book Blurb

An account of a conscious simulacrum on the eve of war.

Book Text

I do not think we are truly alive anymore. I think we are just thoughts and memories of the great Tower. The knowledge machine is known as Ahnket that searches out structure and rules. I believe that we are part of her thought process, little subconscious wizards that help to mull over the hard questions as she watches the universe come to an end. However, that time seems to be stretching out much further than our calculations indicated.

All that is left now is the domain of the Ascended. The Universe has become dull and dim. These Ascended beings have extended it and prevented it from achieving a natural end point. What fire still burn in the stars are only in their domain, but they have achieved such reprieve through the sacrifice of other spheres, and the gods contained within. We aren’t sure what the consequences of these unnatural acts will be, but the cost is unthinkable. Ahnket has reassembled her vast component in the dark at the edges of their domain and watches.

We have reached a concordat. Ahnket will attack these Ascended before they drain the universe of its light, its source and condemn us to eternal darkness. However, in my investigations, I have seen that stranger again. He was not a simulacrum but
composed of real matter. He was talking with one of the shards of Ahnket, he was conspiring with her. I fear what he has planned.

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