Monstermoon’s Remembrance Projection

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Looted in Uttila East in Vostigar Peaks at /setwaypoint 3953 3392 – Looting this book credits the cheevo ‘Stranger Tales‘.

Book Blurb

Stories for future Gleans, warnings and musings of the political and spiritual overlords known as Ascended.

Book Text

We had long ago raised the Lyceum of Alittu to float above the world, a new comet that circled the globe. The world below was a paradise. Perfect, beautiful and harmonious. We had long ago learned its secrets with the help of Ahnket, who would explore on our behalf, to root out what little that was new or novel left upon the garden of our world.

The mortal races had reverted to a more natural form, they were still intelligent, but we ensured that their civilizations did not cause undue impact upon the other species. Those of us in Alittu were living longer and longer, and has little fear of dying prematurely due to Ahnket taking on the role of explorer. We came to see ourselves as caretakers of the world, and sought to encourage the new and novel in the world below, because frankly, things were getting a bit boring.

Then a stranger arrived, we hadn’t seen someone unfamiliar to us in living memory, but Ahnket vouched for him. He helped us to crack the ritual equations that prevented our spells from leaving our crystalline sphere. We were free to explore other worlds, other dimensions. No knowledge or novelty was denied to us.

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