Dr. Wesley Norris’s Psychic Mail

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Looted in Uttila East in Vostigar Peaks at /setwaypoint 3935 3388 – Looting this book credits the cheevo ‘Stranger Tales‘.

Book Blurb

A letter to my descendants on how we escaped the tyranny of the gravitic prison of the crystal sphere.

Book Text

We live inside the Tower of Ahnket. We no longer feel the need to leave her protective embrace. If needed Ahnket can create a simulacrum of our bodies and we can explore the outside world in safety. However, she is as versed in all the investigative techniques as any of the mages of Alittu. We trust her to run the exploration of the last of the known universe while we devote our lives to the higher philosophies of meaning and enlightenment. Our magical knowledge is nearing completion, save for this curious oddity known as “Ascension” where lesser mortal beings gain great power and have disrupted the natural order.

We have had dealings with them as we have moved through our rapidly expanding universe. The Wheel that connects a soul reborn throughout time, the man whose sacrificial death changes reality, the Vessel that binds the gods, the Beast and all his pleasures, all of them. As the universe grows we discover more and more. Each has conquered worlds, and as time has passed has grown more powerful, and more unstable. There are rumors that an Ascended woman of great martial strength is binding them together, making an Ascended court. In council, the sages of Alittu worry about the gods and the worlds that have not yet fallen under their sway.

We now suspect that this stranger who has helped us advance through the ages is one of these “Ascended”. We have directed Ahnket to investigate.

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