Ways to Obtain
Mount Types
Special Effects

You can buy this mount in the Affinity Rewards section of the store using Affinity Currency.
It is also occasionally available in the store for Credits, such as during this sale on May 14th 2020.

Opie has special abilities!

  • Artifact trackers – Tracking abilities for the 6 different types of artifacts, costing varying amount of Planar Pellets and all lasting for 5 minutes. You can only use one at a time.
  • Tip Toe – Makes you move very slowly for a few seconds, costs 2 Planar Pellets.
  • Squirrel Jump – Jump to a targeted location up to 30 meters away. Costs 35 Planar Pellets.

The Squirrel Jump ability can be used to help you complete the Vostigar Peaks jumping puzzle.

Planar pellets can be bought using lucky coins from the artifact collector vendor in Tempest Bay /setwaypoint 12974 11525
You earn a lucky coin each time you hand in an artifact set. So 30 artifact sets completed is 1000 planar pellets.
Planar pellets are tradeable in game so you may also find them on the auction house. There is a very small chance of looting a planar pellet while foraging/mining, tho I dont recommend you try to farm them this way.
You can also buy planar pellets in TOKS dungeon for TOK tokens.. it is 4000 TOK tokens for 1000 planar pellets.

  • Affinity is earned by logging in each day as a patron (5 for the first log in of the day and then 1 per hour for 3 hours bring a total of 8 per day).
  • You can also collect Affinity from day 7 of the rewards calendar.
  • Affinity is region wide. (Shared by all your chars on NA or EU)
  • You can see how much Affinity you have by opening the currencies tab of your character sheet.


  • Opie has special jump abilities, artifact tracking abilities and you can pick up artifacts without being dismounted.
  • Each ability costs a set amount of Planar Pellets. You can buy Planar Pellets with Lucky Coins from the Artifact Collector NPC, you may also find some on the Auction House from other players, your minions willbring them back occasionally or you can loot small amounts them in open world while foraging/mining.


  • While riding Opie your character will become very small and you will be given a temporary ability bar with all of Opies abilities..
  • Track Normal Artifacts
    Track Twisted Artifacts
    Track Unstable Artifacts
    Track Poison Artifacts
    Track Burning Artifacts
    Track Nightmare Artifacts
  • Tip Toe (Moves very slowly)
  • Squirrel Jump (Jump to targeted location)
  • The targeted jump ability will allow you to do the Vostigar Peaks jumping puzzle. The Jetpack mount can be used instead if you do not have Opie.


  • Opie was originally given out as part of the Starfall Prophecy expansion packages (later renamed to Prophecy of Ahnket)