Jetpack Protoype

Ways to Obtain
In Game Currency and Questline
Free Reward
Mount Types
Purple and Silver
Autoscales and 160%

This mount is purchaseable  at the end of the Jet Pack questline.
It will cost you 16k Intel to buy the components to exchange for the mount.
This is well worth the farm as the Jetpack Protoype is a 160% mount.

Once mounted on the Jet Pack you will gain special abilities

  • Jetpack Super Jump – Fly towards the nearest landing zone ahead of you. Costs 20 Source Fuel. (Landing zones are found in Vostigar Peaks)
  • Jetpack Turbo – Blasts you 50 meters forward and consumes 15 Source Fuel.
  • Jetpack Jump – Jump to a targeted location, consuming 10 Source Fuel.
  • Jetpack Crush – Knocks back, stuns, snares and damages nearby enemies, consuming 15 Source Fuel.
  • Jetpack Shield – Your chance of being dismounted is greatly reduced while damage is absorbed. Consumes 20 Source Fuel.

The Jetpack Jump ability can be used to help you complete the Vostigar Peaks jumping puzzle.

Source fuel is available as loot drops from the ‘most wanted’ rare mobs in Vostigar Peaks, it can also be bought with Intel from the Uttila Resistance Quartermaster in Uttila East
/setwaypoint 3964 6416