Crimson Arclight Rider

Ways to Obtain
Affinity Rewards and Calendar - Trove of mounts
Mount Types
Grey, Orange, and Red
Special Effects
Autoscales and 155%

You can buy this mount in the Affinity Rewards section of the store using Affinity Currency.

  • Affinity is earned by logging in each day as a patron (5 for the first log in of the day and then 1 per hour for 3 hours bring a total of 8 per day).
  • You can also collect Affinity from day 7 of the rewards calendar.
  • Affinity is region wide. (Shared by all your chars on NA or EU)
  • You can see how much Affinity you have by opening the currencies tab of your character sheet.


  • This mount was originally available during the Arclight Ascendancy Promo Week.
  • This mini event may be made into a Call to Action event in the future.