Ways to Obtain
Artifacts, In Game Currency, and Vendor
Lucky Coins
Mount Types
Black, Brown, and Red
Autoscales and 150%

Buy from the Artifact Collector for 200 Lucky Coins.

You will find the Artifact Collector in..
Tempest Bay – /setwaypoint 12976 11524
Meridian – /setwaypoint 6080 5135
Sanctum – /setwaypoint 7469 3004

You will receive a Lucky Coin every time you hand in an Artifact set.
There are over 1600 Artifact sets in the game so just keep collecting and eventually you will have enough Lucky Coins.

This mount is a really nice and easy way to get 150% speed.
200 Artifact sets is an easy to achieve goal for even a new player.. just stick to Mathosia sets, these will be easy to find in open world and cheap to buy on the Auction House.