UI and Settings

Settings to change before you start playing

A few small UI adjustments

One of the best things about Rift is the super versatile UI.
Many people use the Gadgets add on to supplement or even completely replace the UI.
Your UI can be easily copied over to all your characters.
For a player just starting out there are a few settings that you will want to change straight away to make your journey more enjoyable.

General Settings

In System > Settings > Interface
Really you should look at every tab at some point and experiment with the settings til you feel they are right for you, especially with things like the colors and nameplates, which are all personal preference.

Settings to note are:

  • Names > tick the box to show your own name (personal preference really)
  • Misc > ensure ‘enable AoE looting’ is ticked (this loots all the corpses around you instead of having to right click each one)
  • Misc > tick to ‘Auto-Loot by default’ (this will make everything go straight in your bags instead of having a loot box pop up first)
  • Misc > ‘show additional overhead NPC icons’ (this places icons over most of the NPCs in the cities and can just be more confusing rather than helpful. Maybe you like it, maybe not, here is where you turn it off!)
  • Combat > tick the ‘Cast on target’s target’ option (this will allow you to DPS through a tank (or other friendly target) or heal a tank through the enemy. Very useful!)
  • Combat > ensure ‘PVP Auto Flag’ is switched off (this will stop you from flagging PVP all the bloody time!)
  • Combat > ‘Hide Other Players’ Hit FX’ (this should be turned off if your computer is struggling during group fights.)
  • Social > chat bubbles or not? up to you.. Profanity filter or not? up to mummy and daddy.. and of course you want to know when your friends log on and off.
  • Status Text > tick all the boxes, this allows you to see the actual numbers in health/XP bars and the percentages.. super useful.
  • Display > ‘Use raid frames for parties’ tick this box
  • Display > Quest stickies – turn it all the way up to 10.
  • Display > Bag UI Scale  – turn it down to somewhere between 65 and 80% – This may not matter much at lower levels, but once you have loads of bags cluttering your screen you will be glad you got used to smaller tiles early on.

More in depth settings

Creating a UI that works for you

Adding Ability Bars

To change your number of ability bars go to..
system > settings > interface > action bars.

You can have up to 11 action bars total, 7 bottom and 4 side.
Your action bars are linked to the role that you have loaded, when you switch role you will have a fresh set of action to put all your skills into.

You can tick the box on the list of action bars to make that action bar shared across all your roles, this is great for skills/abilities that you use that are not linked to your spec, such as teleports, mounts and other fluff.

2019-06-18 (7)

You can add key binds to all of your action bars!

I use 8 action bars, 4 of which are just for fluff. Most people would consider this a lot!
Everyones UI is different, there is no right or wrong way to do this, however if you plan to raid (or do any group content) at end game then you will need a flexible UI to enable you to play your specs efficiently while still being able to see what is happening around you.
This will take a lot of tweaking as you level up and familiarise yourself with the game. Especially as you add addons.

As a new player, you should add 1 or 2 extra ability bars straight away as your first bar will fill up quickly!

Edit Layout

In the system menu you will also find the edit layout option.
This allows you to edit, resize or hide every UI element.
Be aware that there is a global UI scale slider in..
system > settings > interface > Display
..that will resize all your UI elements at once, you can then use edit layout to resize specific elements individually .

Click and drag elements to move them around the screen. You can ‘snap’ them to other elements or leave them free floating.

Select an element to change its size, transparency and if you want it to disappear while you are in combat.

Chat Box

Creating more tabs

Click the + to create a new chat tab. You can make chat tabs with various different filters, so you can see only your loot in one tab, just guild chat or whispers in another, and maybe a chat tab just for zone events too. You can make up to 5 extra tabs (7 total) and tailor each of them with different filters so that you can keep track of everything easily.

You can change font size and background colour of each chat tab, as well as the text colour for each chat channel, by right clicking the tab and changing the general settings.

You can also pull a chat tab out of the box and keep it separate, so you can keep an eye on two tabs at a time (as shown on the left).

Making your chat box a pleasent place!

Some of the global chat channels can get a little ‘spicy’ at times.
You can create seperate chat tabs without some or all of the global channels to give yourself a break from the masses.
You can also leave a channel by typing “/leave level 1-29”
You can rejoin the channel by typing “/join level 1-29”
It is much easier to just tick or untick the channels in the chat settings though.

Ignoring Players

If a player is being particularly bothersome then you can left click on their name to instantly pop them on ignore. If you think they are Violating the Code of Conduct then you can report them using this same menu.

Players you have ignored will be added to your ignore list in the social UI/menu.

Key Bindings

In the system menu you will find the list of keybindings. Most of these are pretty standard, but you should go through all of them to familiarise yourself with the general controls and to change some to what you are more used to.
Keybindings to note are:

UI Toggles > Hide Other Players: Default is unbound, make sure you bind it to a key! Pressing that key will hide all other players around you, this is very useful in busy cities when you need to select NPC’s or during busy zone events if your computer is lagging a lot.
Other Players will only be hidden while the key is pressed, you can change this to a toggle by setting up a key bind of two keys, like CTRL+F11, then hit CTRL, then F11 and let go of CTRL first then release F11, this will keep other players hidden without keypress til you do the same again to unhide them.
You need to use different keys for the two types of toggle.

UI Toggles > Battle Pass: Default is unbound, even the newest of players can participate in the battle pass, bind a key to open up the UI and check the quests each day for ones you can do. As you level up you will be able to complete more of the quests.

Saving/Sharing your UI

You can easily transfer all your UI settings between characters on the same shard.
Simply log into the character that you want to copy the UI on to and select the import option in the system menu.
Then select the character you want to Import FROM and which settings you want to import.

This will only work with characters on the same shard.
To copy your UI to other shards, you can create a level 15 mule character to copy your UI to and then transfer it over to the target shard, or you can use the UI import/export commands.

You can save your UI layout using
/exportui name
import it again using
/importui name

Note that this will not copy your keybindings or macros.