During your time in game you will notice many people using Acronyms
You will find a decent list of chat and general gaming acronyms here. But I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of acronyms that are much more specific to Rift!

General Game / MMO Acronyms

Acronyms that are used in many games, especially the MMO genre.


Looking For Group.
Generally used in chat to let players know that you would like to join a group for a specific activity.
Also used to describe the Dungeon queuing system in Rift.


Looking For Raid.
Used in chat to let players know you are looking for a raid group to join.
Also used to describe the easiest raid content in game.
Also used to describe the LFR queuing system in Rift.


Looking For / Looking For More.
Used by a group leader to find more players to join a group activity. Will often include a number to indicate how many more players are needed to fill the group; LF1M, LF5M etc


Best In Slot.
Used to describe the best gear currently in game for each item slot. Best In Slot gear will change over time as more content is released.
Usually the Best In Slot gear is difficult and/or time consuming to obtain.


Want to Buy / Want to Sell
Used in chat to indicate that a player wants to buy or sell something!


Want to Trade or Willing to Trade.

Rift Acronyms

General acronyms that are more specific to Rift


Starfall Prophecy Expert / Prophecy of Ahnket Expert
When the 65-70 expansion areas were first released the expansion was called Starfall Prophecy, due to reasons, this was later changed to Prophecy of Ahnket.
People will still use the SPE acronym to describe a level 70 expert dungeon.


Planar Attunement / Planar Attunement Experience.
After hitting level 50 your character will earn PAXP as well as normal levelling XP.
The PAXP goes towards points to buff your character in various ways.
You can spend these points in the Planar Attunement Window, accessed by pressing [U] or using the menu.
It doesn’t matter too much where you spend your points first as you will eventually completely max your points and have every skill/buff available.

T1, T2 etc

Used to describe the different difficulty tiers of the raids.
Rift will generally have 3 tiers of difficulty for the raids of each expansion.
Each Tier requires a set amount of HIT


A character stat that allows you to hit bosses in Raids. You will find the HIT stat only on certain gear pieces; Helm, chest, gloves, legs, neck and all weapons.
Your DPS will be reduced if you do not have the correct HIT rating for the content.
For level 70, T1 requires 2200 HIT and T2 requires 2400 HIT.


Toks Dungeon.
Not an actual Acronym! TOKS is the name of the 1 or 2 player puzzle dungeon


Nightmare Rifts
NIghtmare Rifts are part of the Nightmare Tide expansion. They are still regularly used to farm planarite. Players will normally state the Tier of the NMR, such as NMR2 or NMR6.


Raid Rifts / Daily Raid Rifts.
Raid Rifts are intended to be completed by a group of 20 level 70 players.


Battle Pass.
Earn fluff and cool items by completing daily and weekly challenges.


Instant Adventures.
There are different kinds of IA, such as Normal IA, Intrepid IA, Celestial IA or Featured IA.

Chocolate Rift

The original game content for up to level 50.


Storm Legion.
The Expansion for level 50-60 content.
The zones of Brevane and Dusken.


Nightmare Tide.
The Expansion for level 60-65 content.
The zones of the Plane of Water and Planetouched Wilds.


Crafting Rifts
Special Rift Lures earned from the weekly crafting quest. These Crafting Rifts drop special crafting materials as well as common crafting materials.


Prophecy of Ahnket.
The Expansion for level 65-70 content.
The zones of the Celestial Lands. (The Comet)

Classes and Specs

Acronyms and keywords related to building your class / spec.


There are 5 classes in Rift; Warrior, Rogue, Cleric, Mage and Primalist.
Each class has access to different souls.
The classes have different playstyles, You should experiment levelling each class to see which style you prefer.


The roles in Rift are Tank / Heals / DPS / Support.
A role is created using a combination of 3 Souls.
You can switch between roles while out of combat.
You can store over 30 roles on your character, most players will have between 5 and 10. Players will switch between roles to play different content or to adjust the set up of a raid group.

Spec / Build

A specific combination of souls with points spent in a certain way to get the most DPS or the best heals / tanking.


Each class has their own selection of souls to choose from.
A player will start with a selection of souls that allows them to play most of the roles, you can then buy extra souls in packs that will allows you to be more flexible and play all the different roles.


Each soul is depicted with a soul tree in game. You spend points in the branches of the tree to get more abilities or buffs.
The tree also has abilities/buffs shown in the roots that will unlock as you spend set amounts of points in the branches.


Damage per Second / Damage Dealer
Used to describe a player who’s role is to deal damage.
Also used to describe the amount of damage per second a player can achieve, this is generally measured during a 5 min Parse on a target dummy or on a top tier raid boss.


Single Target.
Used to describe a Damage / DPS spec that is specifically built to deal the most damage to a single target (generally a raid of dungeon boss).


Area of Effect.
Used to describe a spec that is built specifically to deal damage or to heal many targets at once.


The ability to deal most of your damage to a single target while splashing smaller amounts of damage to surrounding enemies.

Dungeon and Raid Acronyms (level 70)

Acronyms for the level 70 RAids and Dungeons

Most players will shorten dungeon names to just one word from the name, whereas raids get acronyms.


Enclave of Ahnket.


Bastion of Steel.
Level 70 T2 10 man raid.


Intrepid:Rise of the Phoenix.
Level 70 T1 10 man raid.


Tartaric Depths / Tartaric Depths Normal Mode.
Level 70 T1 10 man raid.


Tartaric Depths Easy Mode.
Level 70 LFR 10 man raid.


Queens Foci.
Level 70 LFR 10 man raid

Older Content Acronyms

You may still see these around sometimes!


Comet of Ahnket.
A level 65 – Tier 3 – 10 man raid


Mind of Madness.
A level 65 – Tier 3 – 20 man raid


Intrepid Gilded Prophecy.
A level 65 – Tier 2 – 10 man raid


Hammerknell Fortress.
A level 65 – Tier 2 – 20 man raid


Tyrants Forge.
A level 65 – Tier 1 – 20 man raid


Mount Sharax.
 A level 65 – Tier 1 – 20 man raid


The Rhen of Fate.
A level 65 – Tier 1 – 10 man raid


Bindings of Blood.
A level 60 – Tier 3 – 20 man raid


Infinity Gate.
A level 60 – Tier 2 – 20 man raid


Plane Breaker Bastion.
A level 60 – Tier 2 – 20 man raid


Grim Awakening.
A level 60 – Tier 2 – 10 man raid


Frozen Tempest.
A level 60 – Tier 1 – 20 man raid


Endless Eclipse.
A level 60 – Tier 1 – 20 man raid


Triumph of the Dragon Queen.
A level 60 – Tier 1 – 10 man raid


Intrepid: Drowned Halls.
A level 60 – Tier 1 – 10 man raid


Primeval Feast.
A level 50 – Tier 3 – 10 man raid


Infernal Dawn.
A level 50 – Tier 3 – 20 man raid


Rise of the Phoenix.
A level 50 – Tier 2 – 10 man raid


Drowned Halls.
A level 50 – Tier 1 – 10 man raid


Gilded Prophecy.
A level 50 – Tier 1 – 10 man raid


River of Souls.
A level 50 – Tier 1 – 20 man raid


Greenscales Blight.
A level 50 – Tier 1 – 20 man raid