Unstable: Underworld Communications

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set ‘Unstable: Underworld Communications’ – This Artifact Set is found in Droughtlands – You can find a guide to Unstable Artifact Hunting here.

Book Blurb

Only as the sun casts a shadow over an ancient cairn will this book reveal its secrets.

Book Text

Dignitaries of all thirteen colonies of the Eth arrived to commemorate our leaving. Though the first two colonies are lost to us, my hope is that the oceans provide a more hospitable environment. The newly appointed Commissar of the colony is none other than the adviser to the High Sorcerer Priest, Orphiel. I am a bit concerned by this development. The adviser has done so much over the years to push forward the science and the true art, and yet… From a practical standpoint he is utter rubbish. His machines never work properly, they are always malfunctioning, or breaking down, or exploding. Often time they will do all at once. The challenges facing the Ghar colony on the Plane of Water will be numerous, and the resources we can take are limited. I would trade mighty Orphiel’s seat for a less brilliant but more competent engineer.

But the High Sorcerer has made her proclamation, so I will have to endure Orphiel’s presence. I wonder what it is about this expedition that convinced him to leave his ivory tower in Redoubt to face such danger. I suspect he knows more about the workings of this plane, and others then he should. Cryptic remarks, knowing smiles, inappropriate giggling during discussions about the Abyssal dangers – I have begun to question this madman of Eth. So little is known about him, and yet we entrust him with so much power, and rely upon his wisdom unquestionably. Are we fools? Is this the undoing of Eth?

I will send messages of our progress when I can. They say the Ghar Consciousness will be able to pierce the elemental veil with its network as long as the sourcestone amplifiers function. May your investigations in piercing the accursed Ward be as fruitful as our efforts to colonize the elements. Write when you can. And wish us luck, Sun willing we’ll settle on some beach that puts Ember Isle to shame. It can’t all be madness and tentacles can it?

Your Cousin,
Atars Catari

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