Unstable: Harrow Tome

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set ‘Unstable: Harrow Tome’ – This Artifact Set is found in Stonefield – You can find a guide to Unstable Artifact Hunting here.

Book Blurb

You will need to find someone in Stonefield who can help you read this book.

Book Text

My mind is failing me. Why am I here in this dark place? I remember a sound of shattering. Am I dead? If I were dead wouldn’t I have been drawn up into the Soulstream by now? How would I write these words? How am I writing these words?

I’m trying to remember something – anything. I remember E! Is that my name? Is that her name? Her – I remember her. Dark brown eyes and a soft voice. All that mattered in life. Drink and live forever. Why didn’t she drink?

The plan was perfect. The spell was set. Death would not be an end, but a transition. Was it fear that stopped you? Was it pride that drove me forward?

Together forever, even in death. A binding in blood. Dark and clotting. The taste of a bitter elixir on my tongue. What have I done?

Getting harder to think. Alone. All wrong. Foolish. Foolish. Won’t be long now. Kill me. Release me.

Forgive me

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