Unstable: Fen Gorge Geology Volume II

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set ‘Unstable: Fen Gorge Geology Volume II’ – This Artifact Set is found in Eastern Holdings – You can find a guide to Unstable Artifact Hunting here.

Book Blurb

It turns out this book was written in a dream and can now only be read when nightmares prowl Fen Gorge.

Book Text

Some rock faces in the Fen Gorge exhibit tafoni features more commonly found in intertidal or arid climes seem out of place in the more temperate, upland forests of the Eastern Holdings. An analysis of the rock in a multi-planar spectral analysis shows that contrary to most of the geologic formation with a minor igneous attunement to earth, or the rare flametouched metamorphic veins that have been exposed due to geologic tightening, the honeycombed rock faces in question have an entirely different attunement. Indeed an analysis shows a high salt concentrate to the rock with is sedimentary in nature. Weathering of the rock face over the centuries has caused the uneven leeching of minerals and the formation of the tafoni features, as well as some of the larger caves found within.

This anomalous structure could only have formed if there was a strong connection to the Plane of Water in the area, but being high in the mountains, away from any fount or spring, no such connection could be found. However upon further investigation it was discovered that the barrier relays in the local area were having an odd resonate effect upon each other. While the relays were calibrated properly to resist the tidal energies, the stonebound relays were drawing in 4% more empyreal slugs of force than intended. This caused a negative penumbra in the Fen Gorge resulting in a tidal overflow, and the tafoni features of the gorge. The relays have been reset and the unique features will not spread, nor will the tidetouched feature deepen.

The Academy recommends that caution be taken in the area until the excess planar energies disperse. Residents are to on the lookout for increased chance of mental illness, prophetic dreams, nightmares, invertebrate mutations, or liquefaction of internal organs

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