Unstable: Academy Handbook

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set ‘Unstable: Academy Handbook’ – This Artifact Set is found in Kingsward – You can find a guide to Unstable Artifact Hunting here.

Book Blurb

For security reasons there is only one physical copy of this book. All others are temporary instances of it.

Book Text

Security and Safety
The safety and security of every student is of paramount importance to the Board of Regents. We recognize that it is in the best interest of students and staff to provide a safe and secure place of learning and study. All students and faculty must accept the fact that the Academy is a place of experimental, magical study. Any injuries, curses, dismemberment, hexes, polymorphs, transformations, lycanthrope, undeath, burns, electrocutions, or other maladies you incur are an unfortunate part of your education.

Alchemy Labs
The Alchemy Labs are primarily for class use, and for the use by students currently enrolled for use on class projects. Extracurricular use is permitted if it does not interfere with approved school use on a first come, first served basis. All extracurricular users of the Alchemy Lab must supply their own materials.

Counseling and Advising
Counseling will be provided on an as needed basis to all current students. If any former need counseling they will be referred to a practicing dominator in their community.

Degrees Offered
The Academy offers the following degrees:

  • The Master of the Science of Magic Degree
  • The Master of Magics
  • The Doctor of the Science of Magic Degree
  • Master of Magical Studies

“Blind” Grading Policy
Grading for all classes will be overseen by Dean of Academic Affairs. Whomever serves the Academy in this post is required to be placed under a spell of darkness and despair. The Dean of Academic Affairs has the final ruling on any grade disputes, and there is no appeal from this level. Any darkness or despair that impairs a student’s grade is assumed to be of their own creation, and not the fault of our grading procedure.

The Honor Code
Those who break the law will be remanded back to the undergraduate dormitory of neurological studies.

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