Trillian’s Letters to the Ascended – Page 1

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Minion Card: Trillian Lockwert Questline. Trillian Lockwert is available to buy during the Carnival World Event. You will only be able to collect this on one character per region.

Book Blurb

A letter you found at an old shack in the forest.

Book Text

I never aspired for grandeur. I was born screaming in the fields as a commoner, raised by a humble but caring family and always aspired for a calm and quiet life. All I ever wanted back then was to keep the family business going and lay back for the ride… But life had other plans. I became an Ascended.

My bones may now hurt before the rain is about to pour onto the land, but I travelled tirelessly throughout Telara in the search of artifacts and relics of mystery untold.

I may have grown to be a grumpy old hermit, living in this secluded shack in the forest, but I once walked with a full guild of the greatest friends I have ever had the pleasure to fight alongside with.

I’m now too tired to even go frequently to the city, but I once fought dragons surrounded by my fellow Ascended.

Take these letters as an advice from your elder. From someone who has adventured Telara for over a decade.

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