Transmogrification For Beginners

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

A part of the Tok’s Dungeon experience. This book is picked up in the Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak, once you have the translated field guide.

Book Text

Transmogrification for Beginners

The ancient Mages and Alchemists of old Mathosia devoted lifetimes to the study of Transmogrification. Indeed many of them became quite powerful in this little understood art. However for the novice, there is a much easier way of achieving Transmogrification thanks to some left over experiments of these bygone practitioners. One just has to know when and where to look. In general the area and time are where and when the energies of the desired plane are at their height. It is also important to have an ample supply of a suitable substance as a base for planar infusion through the Transmogrification process. Here follows all the information presently known about locations suitable for Planar Transmogrification. If the place and time is correct an ancient vessel of the old mages will appear and even someone unskilled in the practices of transmogrification can infuse a suitable item with planar energies.

Farwind’s Transmogrifying Ice Chest
Up among the highest peaks were the wind is almost constant, and a lonely grave marker is the only land mark, it is said that when the wind is at its coldest and strongest conditions align that allow for the appearance of Farwind’s Chest that can infuse the Energies of Air.

Nasreen’s Transmogrifying Pustule
Precariously perched over a desolate landscape where Death Scars the land and when no hint of the sun’s rays can be seen Nasreen’s experiment will appear and infusion by Death Energies can be accomplished.

Mongo’s Transmogrifying Crystal
As the last rays of the sun turn the rocks an even redder hue and the power of the Earth Plane rises, perched atop a small plateau Mongo’s Crystal will be revealed, allowing Transmogrification with Earth Energies.

Sternhammer’s Transmogrifying Furnace
Over the entrance to an ancient desert caldera where fumes emanate from the caves mouth the planar energies of Fire will cause Sternhammer’s Forge to appear, but only when the sun is at its hottest.

Nylaan’s Transmogrifying Cauldron
A devastating explosion left a scar of twisted and disturbing plant life. It also infused the land with enough life energy that it was here, during daylight hours at the center of this area atop an ancient stump Nylaan chose to perform her experiments. Her Transmogrification Cauldron can still be seen when the conditions are right.

Malik’s Transmogrifying Sea Chest
In the darkest depths where the pressures reach levels that threaten to crush even the lungs of an ascended, ancient vents belch black smoke into the ocean and huge barnacles feed of the nutrient rich water. The rays of the sun cannot penetrate these depths and as such have no effect on when Malik’s Chest will appear and allow the infusion of Water Energies.

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