The Wyrmbane Spire

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Looted in Wyrmbane Spire in Shimmersand at /setwaypoint 6075 7299 height = 971 – On a table inside the tower. You will need to reach revered with the Dragonslayers to be able to enter the tower.. or a good friend with the rep can just summon you in!

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This book contains the history of Wyrmbane Spire.

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During the time of the Eth Empire, several great towers were built across the kingdom. One such tower was the Wyrmbane Spire, which became the home of a group of Eth scholars that served their Sorcerer-King. The leader of these scholars was Omarei, a proud man who came from a long line of nobility within his tribe. Omarei was also a wise man. When he mistakenly received a correspondence meant for his master that described the Convocation machine being built in what is now Droughtlands, he realized that such a device had the potential to cause catastrophic damage to the region.

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Omarei became very torn over this knowledge. He had served his sovereign for many years and did not want to believe he had become so hungry for power, but he also felt he should do something to prepare for the devastation that could come from this device. Over the next several months, Omarei used all his magical knowledge to place protective charms within every brick of the tower, hoping that it would be enough to save the scholars and himself if things went badly.

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When the Convocation tore across the kingdom, the sands opened like a great maw and the kingdom of Firesand sank below the desert. Though it was bent and partially buried, Wyrmbane Spire was not devoured like the rest of Firesand. It could still be seen rising out of the sands: the last structure of a now lost kingdom.

Omarei and his scholars were discovered days later by a group of Dragonslayer Covenant explorers looking for survivors of the Convocation. He told them his story and asked to join their ranks, now that his previous master was gone. They agreed and Wyrmbane Spire became a hidden base for the Dragonslayers, and remains one to this day.

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