The Unholy Blight: Reavers

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Found in the Mathosia Tutorial Zone, for Guardians. Can also be found in Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7612 3105
A book on a table in Orphiel’s Spire, Meridian. Use the lift to go up! /setwaypoint 5981 5124 height = 966

Book Blurb

This book speaks of the coming of the Reavers to Telara.

Book Text

When the dragons first invaded Telara, heralding the coming of Regulos the Destroyer, the mortal races resisted. Many of those on the battlefield were suddenly overcome by madness, savagely and inexplicably turning on their own. A few warriors learned to control the madness, and returned to a land decimated and blighted by death. These men became known as the Reavers, who are both scarred and transformed by the horror they experienced battling the demons.

Universally despised and feared, the Reavers rampaged across Telara, leaving a wide swath of destruction and death in their wake. Drawing on the very energies of the Plane of Death, and embracing the resulting madness, these warriors became masters of a terrifying and brutal fighting style.

Although the original Reavers have long since passed from the world of Telara, their combat skill and training lives on. Only the bravest and strongest of souls are allowed to attempt the Reaver training, as the Plane of Death’s power is not easily mastered, nor resisted for long. Insanity is a constant risk, and it is also not uncommon to see a cruel smile or bloodlust in the eyes of a Reaver vanquishing an enemy. On the battlefield, Reavers are the most brutal of warriors, unleashing such fury as to terrify their allies almost as much as their enemies.

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