The Soulstream

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set: The Soulstream. You can hunt for these Artifacts in The River of Souls Chronicles.

Book Text

This appears to be a log written by Alsbeth.

“So many of my plots have been foiled by the Ascended! They drive back my armies and destroyed the vessel for master Regulos. I cannot fail again, or I am certainly done for. All of my power, all that I am, is from him, and if he takes it away, I will be worse than nothing.

Page 2

Fortunately, I have brought the Endless Court here: to the edge of the Plane of Death and within reaching distance of the Soulstream.

Though Master Regulos may have control of the Plane of Death, the souls of the fallen have eluded his control. The Plane of Death represents the energy of physical death and its relationship with physical life, but souls are unfortunately not physical. They are something different entirely, and when they detach themselves from life, they enter the Soulstream, traveling for who knows how long and to what end. It’s a question for philosophers, not for me.

Page 3

Fortunately, because of the relationship between souls and life and death, the Soulstream edges along both the Planes of Life and Death. This has always meant that there was some connection, some pathway to be found and exploited. Scouring the holy records of Telara, I found a story: a myth of a man who had traveled to the Plane of Death and then to the Soulstream to find someone he had loved. He succeeded, according to the story, and by retracing his journey, I found the vital artery. Unfortunately for him, his love could not tolerate the land of the living and became a tormented specter. Too bad for him.

Page 4

This discovery has bought me a little more time to please Master Regulos, a little more time to save my own soul from the void of his maw. I have already found him some incredibly juicy morsels. One of them was Plutonus, the Architect, and he is helping me develop a cipher so that in the future I only pull out souls of his quality. Our headquarters are littered with the stink of the useless undead. If we waste time pulling out another farmer, I swear I’m going to choke someone.

We are on our way, though. On our way, on our way! I must do this and please Regulos. I can’t fail. I simply cannot.

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