The Origins of the Endless Court

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This book can be collected by Defiants only.

Rewarded from the quest ‘On the Shores of Freemarch’, during the Saga of the Endless. – Only Defiants can collect this one.

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From the purest child to the vilest of criminals, the normal reaction to the threat of one’s world’s destruction inspires fear and hatred. However, there are those who fall outside of these categories, who are so twisted and perverse that the world’s destruction could seem a blessing and not a curse, and from among their number come the members of the Endless Court. Promised a place in Regulos’s dark realm, they trade breath and flesh and blood for the promise of power over the dead.

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The Endless Court is said to have begun as a collaboration of the forces of two very powerful figures in the time of the Blood Storm: the dark mage Alekor Devishnille and the warlord Mar Rilthain. They say Mar sacrificed his own children on the altar to prove his loyalty to his new master, and that Alekor slaughtered whole villages to get the components for his dark rituals. They were the first to wear the dark weeds of Regulos, rallying others to work toward the world’s end, and their tradition was passed down through the generations, even after Regulos had been banished. The Destroyer’s followers have never ceased to haunt Telara.

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They have been as shadows in courts of history’s greatest civilizations, always waiting for the chance to return the world to their patron. Now and then, their dark covens have been rooted out, knights and duchesses and great scholars all dangling beside one another from the hangman’s noose, but somehow, their order always reemerges in time.

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