The Mirrorstones

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Found inside the Farsight Tower at /setwaypoint 6943 6563. You can only enter Farsight Tower while on the Shimmersand quest called ‘Sight Unseen‘ (quest 15 on the quests guide). You can summon other players in if you are on the quest. So if you missed this book during the questline, then you can create a second account and summon yourself in, or ask friends if they could use an alt. You can also use your own alt to get to the quest, summon a friend in, and then that friend can summon your main.

Book Blurb

This book speaks of the Mirrorstones at Farsight Tower.

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I have spent the better part of my life in this tower, studying the strange objects known as Mirrorstones. The stones were created by the Sorcerer-Kings with their own high magic, and I was secretly tasked with discovering their useful qualities for my masters. My colleagues said that I was a fool for locking myself up with my work, but I knew there were properties of the stones that were yet undiscovered, and that the Sorcerer-Kings would reward me handsomely if I could discover them. For years I have studied the stones, recording any reactions and changes. I only wish to please my sovereigns. After all, what servant does not wish to please his masters?

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Last evening, a great rift from the Plane of Fire opened at my doorstep. I felt sure that I was going to die. From within the inferno, I saw a devil dressed in robes and cackling madly at me. I lost consciousness shortly afterwards. I awoke the next morning, surprised that I was somehow still alive and that this tower still stood. Then I remembered the Mirrorstones. If they had been destroyed my masters would have my head. Thank the stars they were unbroken, but I noticed something new. The stones now glowed with an unnatural light, as if they had become planetouched by the incident.

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I gaze into the Mirrorstones now, and I see beyond the Ward. I can see the planes, and they are glorious. The stones are a gateway to those worlds. They call to me. I know I must report this to my masters, but I cannot leave the warm light of the stones. I’ll go to them tomorrow. Yes, by tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be ready to leave the stones. Tomorrow…

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