The Library of Meridian

Available to
This book can be collected by Defiants only.

Can be picked up during the quest ‘Meetings of Interest’, during the Defiant Abyssal Saga. If you didn’t pick them up during the quest then head back to /setwaypoint 4682 1155 in Iron Pine Pick to grab them. This can only be done by Defiants.

Book Text

Meridian was once a library and college of some renown. Rivals to Quicksilver College, they focused on mundane knowledges, rather than the magical arts. Funny then that it was Meridian that would succumb to the corruption of the Abyssal cult’s magics. At the peak of its high tower was a room in which certain books were gathered and hidden over the years. Heavily guarded, it became the final resting place of any number of forbidden, profane tombs.

They knew themselves to be a natural target for Abyssal infiltration and students and faculty were regularly scrutinized, especially any who showed interest in the top most room of the tower. Unfortunately, infiltrators eventually slipped through their ranks, corrupting them from within. One by one, their faculty were convinced that nothing could please them more than to crack open the ancient bindings of those books. In time, these became the founding members of the Miridial Cabal.

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