The Importance of the Temple Spirit

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Looted in Atia in Ember Isle at /setwaypoint 13470 4068 – On a table inside the building.

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The following seems to have been written by a Kelari student, an essay about the importance of temple spirits.

The Importance of the Temple Spirit

By Kaylia Moss

Page 2

Ember Isle has many spirits, but there is no spirit more important to a Kelari than their city’s temple spirit. A Kelari can make a pact with a small river spirit shrine to cross that river safely, and they can make a pact with a plant spirit to help their garden grow, but a temple spirit is the heart of a city.

The protection and prosperity of a city is tied to the power and health of its temple spirit. The temple spirit is a very powerful spirit. It can help reinforce the walls. It can give its people good fortune. It can make the wells and fountains spill over with water. It is like the heart in a body of a Kelari, only it is the heart of the city.

Page 3

Temple spirits are only as powerful as they are
because Kelari make them powerful. Though they have a lot of power of their own, we give them gifts to help make them more powerful. This is why working in the temple is the greatest honor a Kelari can have. The fate of a city depends on its devotions to its temple spirit, and it’s the priesthood’s job to make sure this is done.

I hope one day to be a High Priestess, like High Priestess Mona, because without temple spirits, our cities would be nothing but rocks in the jungle. The temple spirits make our lives better in every way, and I would like to make sure they continue to share their power with us.

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