The First Pact

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Looted in Talos Landing in Ember Isle at /setwaypoint 12397 3088 – Inside the hut on the bedside table.

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It is written that in ancient days, the elf who would become the first of the great Kelari Priestesses, Isidora, found a flickering flame in the shadowy hollows of a cave. Seeing no obvious source, she drew closer to the flame and was amazed to find that it looked up at her with a child-like face. It skittered away, hiding among the rocks of the cave.

A curious elf, Isidora waited patiently. The flame-child remained hidden. She ventured out into the forest and brought some dry, brittle kindling that would burn easily. Softly, she said, “I won’t hurt you,” and arranged the kindling on the floor of the cave. She then retreated to the entrance, sitting to watch as the flame-child emerged cautiously and gobbled the kindling as elven children devoured sticks of crystallized sugar. As it ate, its flames no longer seemed to flicker and wane but instead burned brightly.

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Finishing its kindling, the flame-child retreated once again. Still, Isidora waited, watching it. In time, her stomach began to rumble in hunger of her own. Suddenly, the flame-child appeared before her, staring at her stomach curiously. “I’m hungry,” she said with a smile and an apologetic shrug.

The flame-child blinked and scampered behind her. Isidora turned and looked out. The creature was gazing into the sky. As a large bird appeared in the sky and swept past them, the flame-creature waved its arms. Flames engulfed the bird. Suddenly, sitting in front of Isidora was a well-cooked fowl.

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Isidora gaped in surprise, but then leaned forward to tear off a piece of meat and slowly put it to her lips. The flame-child appeared beside her, staring up in expectation. She took a bite and was surprised to find it might have been one of the most wonderful things she had ever eaten. “Wonderful,” she said. “Delicious.”

The flame-child spun on one foot, flickering trails of flames streaking its wake, then disappeared back into the cave. Finally, Isidora returned to her village, pondering what had happened. As a young priestess of Tavril, she went to her elder, describing the meeting.

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The elder chastised her smartly. “That is a trickster spirit and not of Tavril. You should not take power from it ever again.”

Isidora was not convinced. Returning again and again to commune with the spirit, the bond between the elf and the spirit grew deeper. In time, other elves would follow her lead, seeking out such spirits. These elves would in time become known as the Kelari and build a great new civilization, but it all began with a single pact and the friendship between Isidora and the flame- child.

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