Talos Roda: Purifier

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Found in the Mathosia Tutorial Zone, for Guardians. Can also be found in Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7477 3082
A book on a table in Orphiel’s Spire, Meridian. Use the lift to go up! /setwaypoint 5981 5134 height = 983

Book Blurb

This book speaks of Talos Roda, the first to wield the holy flames of the Purifier.

Book Text

In the time of the Blood Storm, a witch doctor by the name of Talos Roda fled into the volcanic jungles of Aegea when his village was overrun by Dragonian minions of Maelforge. For days, he lay in a fever, his wounds festering and his life slipping away. At the end of the fourth night, he found himself surrounded by flickering motes of flame, and the whispering spirits of his ancestors. The spirits promised him vengeance, all he need do is form a pact with them and become their conduit in the physical world. Upon agreeing to their terms, Talos found one of the motes of flames dancing in his hand. He touched it to his leg, and it closed the wound by burning away the infection. It was agony, but when the flames died, his leg had been fully healed. His spiritual powers bolstered by the primal forces of fire, Talos returned to his village and descended upon its oppressors. Before anyone could react, he unleashed a firestorm that engulfed the entire village in blistering flames. Miraculously, the fires that turned the Dragonians to ash did not harm the elves. Like Talos before them, they found their wounds healed and their souls bolstered by the spirits of their ancestors. From that day forth, Talos and his people went on the offensive striving to break Maelforge’s control over their lands.

Such an amazing display of power has never been seen again, but many clerics have followed in Talos’s footsteps making pacts with spirits of flame. Known as Purifiers, these clerics draw forth the cleansing power of fire to heal, and the spiritual power of their ancestors to strike down all that threaten their way of life.

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