Sterling Sylver, a Romantics Guide to Love

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set: Twisted: Sterling Sylver, a Romantic’s Guide to Love. No one knows for sure where this Artifact Set can be found. Page 3 drops in Stonefield, and the rest either drop in Stonefield or the other Mathosian zones. They are very rare to pick up! However it seems they are looted regularly from minions or the artifact caches, so I doubt you will have trouble completing it.

Book Text

I am often asked why the Kelari are so obsessed with Ascended. “Real people not good enough for you?” some lonely Mathosian will ask me under his breath as I strut through the town with three ascended goddesses hanging off of me. What these clods and trolls don’t understand is that I have too much love for mere mortals to handle.

Only a truly divine creation is capable of handling the amount of love I’m capable of generating. I’ve run extensive tests with the emotronic capacitor; my heart generates well over 6.8 gigajoules of emotive force. And only a beauty that has the collective experience of all nine classic demiurge templates would be able to connect with me on an intellectual level that truly stimulates me. Don’t listen to the vain elves, the Kelari know that a partially cybernetic brain is the most powerful erogenous zone. I also expect a certain look that only comes from extensive focus testing by my fellow techomancers. Who better to judge the perfect form of a goddess than those that can only glimpse them from afar? You only have to see the result before you to know that you’ve finally met you intellectual, spiritual and physical equal.

But enough justification of my Ascended beauties, you’re ready to create a race of Ascended yourself. It’s easy if you know advanced soul craft and have knowledge of the elemental density of sourcestone like I do. First you will need a large supply of pure sourcestone as a base, about twenty five thousand planarite worth of material out to do it. Don’t be a fool and use it to give yourself something foolish like quantum sight; that would be so Orphiel of you. You want to spend your days locked in a tower with a bunch of telescopes? Or out on the town with some Ascended beauties that have speced their souls for love?

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