Nysyr: Inquisitor

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Found in the Mathosia Tutorial Zone, for Guardians. Can also be found in Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7475 3092
A book on a table in Orphiel’s Spire, Meridian. Use the lift to go up! /setwaypoint 5985 5134 height = 983

Book Blurb

This book speaks of Nysyr, the first Inquisitor.

Book Text

The Age of Dragons was a time of cult activity where many sought power through service to the great elemental dragons that ruled over Telara. The city state of Fortuna (later known as Fortune’s Shore) was riddled with cultists of the Golden Maw, but whenever the king sent soldiers to combat them, they melted away into the populace. So a young acolyte named Nysyr was named as the Grand Inquisitor with the full blessing of the king. Though his methods were brutal and cruel, he drove the cults from the city. By this point Nysyr had gained great political power and influence in the city, but rather than rule there he took his inquisition and left in search of other signs of draconic corruption. This began the First Draconic Purge.

The Inquisitor is a cleric who no longer follows the doctrines of life or death alone; instead they stand between these forces demanding purity from both. An Inquisitor passes judgment on those who are worthy, and damns those who are corrupt. Their true strength is derived from their extreme faith; as such, they forgo heavy armaments in favor of a simple hauberk of chain and a sturdy maul. Although Inquisitors will never achieve the great heights of power from choosing an exclusive life or death path, their ability to harness and manipulate both energies make them extremely valuable companions.

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