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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Looted in Nykantor Ruins in Ember Isle at /setwaypoint 12827 3879 – A book on the lower part of the tower, not where the puzzle is. – Go up the stairs at /setwaypoint 12886 3834 and turn left towards the tower.

Book Text

The name “Sylver Valis” is inscribed in the front of this book, as well as the note, “Age 12.” The child’s rough scrawl suggests this was written by someone just
learning to write, a reminder of how slowly elves age.

Page 2

My name is Sylver. My mother’s name is Dionora. My father’s name is Kleon. My sister’s name is Issi. We live in Atia. My father and mother are both priests in the temple. My sister is going to be a priestess like them.

I am not going to be a priest. The spirits don’t like me. I can’t make pacts with them. They run away if get close. High Priestess Mona says that I smell like rotting fruit to the spirits. I don’t know why I am rotten. I guess I fell off the tree too early. The spirits like all the other Kelari, except me.

Page 3

My father says I’m cursed. My mother says I’m special. My father doesn’t like her to say that. My sister laughs when she says that. But she says that there are no other Kelari like me and that makes me special.

When everyone else is in the temple, I read books. Scribe Hesio gives them to me. He says I read and write better than any other Kelari my age. I like books and I like to write. I don’t mind that I get to read while everyone else makes pacts. I think my mom is right. It makes me special.

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