Marshal Kain’s Field Journal: Stillmoor

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This book can be collected by Guardians only.Unknown if the book can be acquired by either faction.

Looted in Thalin Tor in Stillmoor at /setwaypoint 1801 2251 – A book on the floor in the middle of the small settlement. – Only Guardians can collect this one.

Book Blurb

This journal chronicles Marshal Kain’s exploits in Stillmoor.

Book Text

And so I have returned to the land of the Mad King’s demise.

His Remnants taint everything here. His touch infects everything. It is in the grass and the water and inside every living thing – well, what little that remains living here.

Every person that has lived on here is already cursed by Aedraxis’s legacy even if they don’t know it. I must gather every last Remnant of his evil unto myself, and I cannot allow these foolish people to stand in the way of the will of the gods.

These aren’t “good folks”. Anything good fled this cursed land long ago. Anything remaining here has chosen to court their own doom. Better they die by my hand, fulfilling my destiny, than eventually swelling the ranks of that witch Alsbeth..

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