Marshal Kain’s Field Journal: Scarwood Reach

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This book can be collected by Guardians only.Unknown if the book can be acquired by either faction.

Looted in Kain’s Command in Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 3138 3879 – Find the book on the desk inside the tent. – Only Guardians can collect this one.

Book Blurb

This journal chronicles Marshal Kain’s exploits in Scarwood Reach.

Book Text

The time of my destiny is at hand. The Vigil sent me forth on this crusade but never told me where to look or even what exactly I was to look for.

But now I know! As soon as that fool Bohem sent those Remnants to me, I knew what I had in my hand – my fate, my divine right as foretold to me by the Vigil itself! Now I know what I am looking for, and no one, no cultist nor Defiant, shall stand in my way.

As soon as I have concluded this campaign against the Endless Court cultists, I will scour this land for any remaining Remnants and then mobilize the regiment to investigate Iron Pine Peak.

The enemies of Sanctum should tremble to see the 12th on the march!

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