Marshal Kain’s Field Journal: Iron Pine Peak

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This book can be collected by Guardians only.Unknown if the book can be acquired by either faction.

Looted in Sanctuary in Iron Pine Peak – On the table under the gazebo – /setwaypoint 3715 1896 – Only Guardians can collect this one.

Book Blurb

This journal chronicles Marshal Kain’s exploits in Iron Pine Peak.

Book Text

No one ever said that serving the gods’ will would be easy. If it was easy, they would have lesser men do their bidding, but they needed me. I cannot rest while the Regulos-infused pieces of Aedraxis remain as a stain upon Telara. I have pursued these Remnants across this land, and now I seek them here in the frozen waste of the Iron Pine Peaks.

The men complain bitterly about the cold. They are the best of the Sanctuary Guard, but they are still too soft. They think me a hard man, but they did not see the horror of the Mathosian Civil War, the nightmare that the mad king Aedraxis tried to unleash on the world. If they knew the stakes, they would be as hard as me.

Regulos fears me, I can feel it. He sends dark dreams to disturb my slumber – dreams of terrible acts, dreams inviting me to stand by his side. He fears I will conquer his remaining hold on this world and seeks to deter me, but I am not so weak as the old king. I will do anything, commit any act, to see my mission through.

Sanctum will finally recognize everything I have done in their name.

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