Kobold Creation Story

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set: Kobold Creation Story. You can hunt for these Artifacts in Droughtlands.

Book Text

Dragon men made from Maelforge dead skin. Horse men made from Maelforge toenails.

But Kobolds, Kobolds made from Maelforge teeth.

Maelforge look around, and Maelforge see weaklings. He see dragon men squabbling and horse men eating each other. Maelforge’s enemies put out Maelforge’s fires. Maelforge’s enemies make bad for Maelforge.

Maelforge say, “I need guard dogs to keep out this bad.”

So Maelforge take out his teeth. And then Maelforge melt iron with his breath. And then Maelforge make kobold.

Kobold is guard dog of Maelforge. Kobold never fail Maelforge, because kobold the best part of Maelforge.

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