Karris’s Correspondences

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set: Karris’s Correspondences. You can hunt for these Artifacts in Ember Isle.

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My dearest Karris:
Kayli has fallen ill with some strange disease, perhaps magical in nature. The doctors are not sure what can be done for her. I’m being told I can’t take her to the temple spirit because there’s something wrong with it? Do you know what’s going on here? What should I do?
– Lassana

Page 2

My love, Lassana:
High Priestess Mona has asked that we limit contact with the temple spirits until we can be sure which might have been infected by this recent blight. Coming in direct contact with their power is causing changes in people, and we’re not sure what it all means. I’m going to see what can be done for Kayli. Hold her close for me until I can be home with you two.
– Karris

Page 3

Dearest Karris:
Please, I don’t know how much longer Kayli has. Has there been any word about the temple spirits? Some people here in Kheramos have been seeing the temple spirit… I know that’s not allowed, and maybe I shouldn’t have told you, but it doesn’t seem to have done any harm. Can I really not try to save our beautiful Kayli by taking her there?
– Lassana

Page 4

My lovely Lassana:
High Priestess Mona insists we shouldn’t, but I’m no longer so convinced of that. I’ve met people supposedly “touched by the corrupted spirits, and from everything I’ve seen, they just seem to be more than they were. Still, don’t do anything until I come home. I should be able to get out of my duties and leave Atia tomorrow morning. I’ll be with you both
– Karris

Page 5

My dear Karris:
I don’t know what happened and why you aren’t here yet – if you were delayed by your duties, or perhaps attacked on the way. But I waited, like you asked, and Kayli is gone. She went to the Soulstream last night. Please, come home my dear, I think I caught whatever it was she had, and I need you.
– Lassana

Page 6

I hope things are improving at home and that this letter finds you in better spirits than last we met. I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter.
Now, I’m sorry that I must put aside the matter of your grief and move onto business, but this is of utmost importance. Why am I hearing reports that the people of Kheramos are interacting with the temple spirit? Please, write me back and put my mind at ease by denying these allegations.
– High Priestess Anthousa Mona

Page 7

High Priestess Mona:
Though my Kayli is gone, my wife has made a recent and most miraculous recovery with the help of the Kheramos temple spirit, and that’s gone a long way to help ease my mind. I’ll be returning to Atia to resume my duties immediately. I believe we have a lot to talk about in regards to the temple spirits and this supposed “corruption.” I hope you will grant me an audience on my return.
– Karris

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