Gholing – Avatar Slayer

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set: Gholing – Avatar Slayer. You can hunt for these Artifacts in Goboro Reef.

Book Text

In the beginning, the skelf were dreamed forth into the Kamoho Ocean to serve Namadraum, an avatar of a great predator fish. The skelf served Namadraum faithfully and learned from her the secrets of magic, war, and the pathways through the infinite oceans. For the Epoch of Kamoho, the skelf steered her throughout the seas, helped her hunt the leviathans of the oceans, and tended to her every need.

Then, the last of the original clutch hatched: a skelf named Gholing. Gholing was not compelled to pact bind to Namadraum, nor any other creature. Gholing was a mighty warrior, as skelf are, and with each year of life he grew larger and more powerful. Gholing left the skelf and Namdraum and swam against the currents. He cut a bloody swath through the oceans, murdering monarch and monster alike. Over time, he grew so strong, that he underwent the Great Change, usually reserved only for Rhens.

One day, Gholing met Namadraum and her Rhenke once again. The oceans darkened with portent, and a lunar eclipse occurred. When this shadow passed over Draum, the Moon, he stirred in his sleep. Such was the end of the Epoch of Kamoho.

Gholing attacked Namadraum, drawing blood. The skelf that served the immortal avatar frenzied to save her, but the violence made them mindless. Gholing, however, kept her frenzy in check. She used the red madness of her lesser siblings against them. Through skill and cunning, she wounded some and threw others into the maws of their own brothers, working her way towards the leviathan avatar.

When the skelf regained their senses, they saw that their god and creator, Namadraum, lay slain. Her still-beating heart had been eaten by one of their own. For the first time in their existence, the skelf felt horror over a kill. Gholing was torn apart by her own siblings, who then took their own lives.

Ever since, the last skelf of a clutch has been slain by its clutchmates. For it is prophesied that another skelf, last of its clutch, will again slay an avatar of Draum and found a Rhenke of her own. This new Rhen will reign for a thousand years, and the endless seas will be changed forever.

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