Dunbart’s Guide to Telara: Fortune’s Shore

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Fortune’s Shore was once one of the city-states of the Eth. It was settled by the Fortuna tribe and was the greatest port of the Eth Empire. Though it was, in time, unseated by Port Scion as the primary point of trade for the continent, with the fall of said city, it has now resumed the primary port of the continent of Tyr.

Much of its infrastructure was destroyed in the magitech explosions of the Convocation. Like the rest of the empire, it was decimated. However, the port district was full of more traditional structures and was a vital enough location that effort was put toward rebuilding it. Similarly, the Mathosian Empire saw its value as a southern trading port and maintained it when they took control of the region.

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The Bahmi were pivotal to its rebuilding. Because of that, the port is peppered with many traditional Bahmi “gharuu,” open-aired tent structures in colorful fabrics traditional to Bahmi life. Their open quality is said to be intended to invite in the ancestor spirits. It also allows the wind, which links them to their Plane of Air origins, to pass through their domiciles unabated.

Though still an active and pivotal port, central to the Sourcestone trade, it has become increasingly seedy in recent years. It is the site of many warring gangs, and there is little order-keeping force. The Dragonslayer Covenant once filled this role, but since their focus has become focused wholly on the cults, they can’t be keeping peace between Telarans anymore. Kaseem Owan, a Bahmi of some renown, has made efforts to cleanup the port. This effort is ongoing, however, and is meeting the violent resistance of the aforementioned gangs.

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