Canus, The Industrious, God of Naps

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Rewarded from the Artifact Set: Canus, The Industrious, God of Naps. You can hunt for these Artifacts in Draumheim.

Book Text

Shhh, sleep now, dear dreamer.
Rest your eyes.
Rest your legs.
Rest your aching muscles.
Let go your cares.

Did you fill out all that paperwork for the bank? It was due tomorrow. You’ll need to double check it all, make sure you didn’t forget anything.

Sleep in blissful rest.
Your weariness leaves you.
Your aches and pains dissipate.

You should do a puppet show like the ones in Draumheim, but make it about the history of Freemarch; you could show off Eliam’s heroics, and give him some real gravitas. You should write the script now, while you’re inspired!

Quiet and still.
Hush your thoughts and count your breaths.
Enter the meditative state.
Silence your mind and feel the comfort of your body.

What was that against your leg? Was that the sheet or a bug? Is there a spider in the bed? You need to straighten the sheets. And if there was a spider in bed, you should just clean the whole room!

Let your cares and desires sail into the boundless sea of sleep.
Let your mind float free upon the ocean.
Drift in the dreaming.
Sink deep into the sea.
Drink your fill of relaxation.

Now you really have to go; you can’t ignore it anymore. Just get up, go, and start again. Oh, distractible Canus, let us try this again in an hour with better results.

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