Asha Catari

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This book can be collected by Defiants only.

Rewarded from the Quest ‘The King’s Lady’ in Meridian. This can only be done by Defiant Characters.

Book Blurb

This book is made of a rich leather.
This appears to have been a journal of Asha Catari’s.

Book Text

When I was young, I could never sit still. Zareph and I would run the halls of Caer Mathos, upsetting the trays that the maids were carrying and knocking over centuries-old suits of armor.

My father was an adviser on “southern matters” to King Jostir, and gave him counsel both magical and mundane. He lectured me sternly again and again on the fact that I was representing the Eth, and that I was teaching them we were just as wild as the Mathosians made us out to be.

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I didn’t listen. That wasn’t my way. Even if sometimes I wanted to be good, it was like I had a fire inside of me that wouldn’t die. Auram, my older sister, was everything I was not, and every time I acted up, my father asked me why I couldn’t be more like her. Every time he yelled that at me, I wanted to be her even less.

I didn’t even want to go to Quicksilver College. Auram was already there, and was the college’s star pupil. To this day, I believe they may have sent me away out of a wish to divide me from my close friend, Prince Zareph. We were still young, but gossip tongues were wagging about the wild Eth girl and the prince.

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At Quicksilver, I did not want to fail, but I didn’t want to be like Auram either. So, I studied everything I was told not to. I tried any magical technique professors advised were too dangerous or unproven. This backfired more than once. I spent one semester with my hair growing back. I hid a bad case of mummy rot for a month before I finally reversed the effects. I was young and foolish.

But I was also dangerously effective. They might have ignored my childish rebellion if all of my magic had failed. It was because I succeeded that I was expelled. It was because I succeeded that they feared me.

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Though I returned home, my father refused to speak to me, my mother seemed afraid of me, and my best friend had been sent to learn the way of a knight and squire in a distant land. There was nothing for me in Caer Mathos.

That was when I joined the Dragonslayer Covenant. It was with them that I would discover Regulos’s sway over King Aedraxis, and in trying to prevent the coming apocalypse, die and be reborn. All of these events, it seemed, were destiny. My destiny. A part of the great journey that took me to the end of the world, and back

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