Annal of Warlord Borte

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Can be picked up from the various bookshelves in the Chancel of Labors, Iron Pine Peak. The books will be in different locations for each character. You are encouraged to pick these up during the quest ‘Rite of the Mind’, part of the Saga of the Storm Queen.

Book Text

Among the greatest generals of Telara’s history was Warlord Borte, daughter of the Shalastir Bahmi leader. Though she claimed many victories, her greatest by far was breaking the hold of Crucia’s forces on the Iron Pine Peaks. When she marched a force of assembled Telarans to overtake the stronghold of the Storm Legion, the Telarans found themselves outnumbered by nearly four to one, and hope all but abandoned them. Infiltrators from the Storm Legion only worsened matters, whispering insinuations of the succor of surrender, which quickly took root in hearts weakened by terror and weariness. Borte, hearing the rising din of resignation, rode before the army as dawn broke on the day of battle.

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“Sons and daughters of Telara! I see the fear in your eyes, cold as these icy peaks, but I command you, banish it! Stand unbent before the forces of the Storm Queen and her Wicked Brood and laugh at them for assuming you would break!

“Every one of us has come here today with strength in our hearts, and hope that tomorrow the sun will rise on a world free of the Blood Storm. A belief that our children will be born knowing no fear of war, no threat of invasion, no screech of planar whelp! Crucia’s greatest strength is our hopelessness. Her great desire is to break us, to conquer us, and for us to submit before her. But in standing against her, we have already won! We have proven we are not afraid, and that we will not be overcome. We are girded against her victory by the valor of our unbroken hearts and the persistence of our spirit.”

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She paused, gaze sweeping over the assembled mass, and backs straightened, emboldened by her words. “In a not too distant place, the Shalastir stood against Crucia and drove her back. Lead by my father, Crucia was compelled to abandon her campaign for their submission. Today, I bid you do the same! Bend them! Break them! Hold fast this world with the ballast of our valiance! Rip Telara from Crucia’s claws and make true the promise of a future free of corruption! Ride, my brothers! Fight, my sisters! CRUSH THEM!”

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A great cheer rose up among the assembled forces, and they were driven forward into battle with Borte’s words surrounding them as a shield that bolstered their attacks, healed their wounds, and kept Crucia’s touch from controlling their minds. Borte lead from the thick of the battle, manipulating allies and enemies alike with auras of inspiration and intimidation. As her main force confronted the brunt of the Legion, strike units took out their fortifications before crushing their flank.

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