Annal of Vachir Altan

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This book can be collected by Defiants and Guardians.

Can be picked up from the various bookshelves in the Chancel of Labors, Iron Pine Peak. The books will be in different locations for each character. You are encouraged to pick these up during the quest ‘Rite of the Mind’, part of the Saga of the Storm Queen.

Book Text

The Bahmi warrior Vachir Altan was the first to bear the title of Champion. His first documented appearance was when he battled Crucia’s whelp Arconis, known as the Bane of Kerenton. When Vachir rode into town, its human population looked on at him in suspicion, but he ignored their scrutiny. Within hours of his arrival Vachir entered ruins of Castle Kerenton where the wyrm laired. Sizing up the beast, he bull rushed the dragon spawn with reckless abandon.

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An epic battle was fought across the ruins of the once great castle. At the end of it Arconis lay dead in the courtyard, Vachir’s massive two handed blade in the whelp’s throat. “Start a fire, we feast tonight,” was all he is recorded to have said to the town’s inhabitants. In the evening he feasted and enjoyed the hospitality of the people of Kerenton, but by morning he was gone, tales of his exploits continuing to arise throughout Telara.

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While the Bahmi of the Canyons had many disciples of Vachir, the otherwise human residents of the duchy of Kerenton were also known for a number of blue- skinned Champions who brashly rode forth from its borders for the next few generations. Their road one of glory, seeking to overcome the impossible through the mastery of the blade.

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