12th Sanctuary Guard Letter (My Darling Wife)

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This book can be collected by Guardians only.Unknown if the book can be acquired by either faction.

Looted in Kain’s Command in Scarwood Reach – Scroll on a wooden crate outside the tent – /setwaypoint 3146 3871 – Only Guardians can collect this one.

Book Blurb

This letter appears to have been written by one of the 12th Sanctuary Guard soldiers serving under Frederic Kain.

Book Text

My Darling Wife,

It has been too long since I last held you, but I remain proud of my service to Sanctum here among the Sanctuary Guard. There are real threats in this world, and I feel we are the shield that keeps our people safe.

I will admit that I was scared when I first arrived here to serve under Marshal Kain. The Marshal is a man of frightful presence, but he has proven fair and has an obvious care for those of us that serve him. The Vigil should be grateful to have such an able-bodied commander leading troops in their name.

I miss you every day.

Your loving husband,
-Thelian Schaber-

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